Interview: Tyler Adams Talks About His Toughest Times in RB Leipzig

Tyler Adams has signed a new long-term deal with RB Leipzig, little over a year after joining the club from New York Red Bulls. While the USA international quickly established himself as an indispensable first-team player, injury has forced Adams on to the sidelines for large parts of the season.

The RB Leipzig’s youngster talks about his toughest moments, his ambitions on the field, and the importance of making smart decisions regarding Covid-19.

RB Leipzig Tyler Adams Interview

The Interview

Question: How would you describe your season so far?

Tyler Adams: I think for me as a young player still, and still at the peak of my development, it’s important to have a season like this. Now, I’m able to say that I’ve gone through what will be the toughest part of my career. Once I get playing consistently and play a good stretch of games, it’s going to be good to look back on that and say ‘that was the toughest part of my career, but now I’m entering the best part of my career.’

Q: What is your message to the people in these times of the Covid-19 outbreak?

TA: I would say don’t be selfish and don’t make a decision that only benefits yourself, but also think about what actions you’re doing and how they benefit other people. By me staying at home, it might stop someone else from spreading it to me then spreading it to someone else. You have to look at the bigger picture.

RB Leipzig Tyler Adams Interview

Q: What are your goals in football?

TA: All I’ve ever wanted to do is win. Luckily enough, we have 28 players on our roster who have all been able to contribute this season. Constant rotation of our squad has been important. For me individually, and collectively – I don’t think many people would disagree with me –we want to win the league, and we want to come out on top and raise the trophy.

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