How La Liga Players Are Dealing With The Lockdown Across Spain

Despite all La Liga matches being postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in place across Spain, La Liga players have kept up their social media activity, posting how they’re spending their time at home.

From viral trends to on-line gaming, players have opened their doors to fans across the world.

La Liga Players Lockdown

Hard At Work

Obviously, one of players’ primary concerns in this situation is keeping in shape. Clubs may have shut down their training facilities but fitness coaches around the league are designing sessions that players can take part in from their own home. Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos and Atletico de Madrid midfielder Marcos Llorente are just two of the players who have shared posts of their home workout routines this week.

Family Time

As is to be expected, when they’re not training many players make the most of the downtime to spend time with their families. Atletico de Madrid’s Alvaro Morata shared a post this weekend with his family, urging people across Spain to stay at home in line with the lockdown.

A Chance To Play Other Sports

It’s a well-known fact that many La Liga stars are passionate about other sports too, not just football. One of them is FC Barcelona’s Arturo Vidal, who it turns out is a talented basketball player.

Getting Down To Some Online Gaming

The standard entertainment for many of La Liga’s younger stars, in particular while on the road during the season. And now even more so, when in lockdown. Sevilla FC’s Sergio Reguilon and Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias went as far as playing out this weekend’s postponed Seville derby on FIFA20.

#10toqueschallenge (#10touchchallenge)

All you need is a roll of toilet paper and a bit of skill to take part in this viral challenge which has caught the imagination of stars from around La Liga. FC Barcelona’s Riqui Puig and Real Madrid’s Brahim Diaz are just two of the players to take part, coming up with ten keepie-uppies of the toilet roll without letting it touch the ground.


Dancing is a big thing for many La Liga stars, and Real Betis defender Marc Bartra has gone as far as making it the basis of a challenge with his partner. Think you could you follow these dance steps as a couple to a rhythm?