Girard-Perregaux Iconic Designs Have Been Reinvented

Girard-Perregaux got their 2020 to a rocking start by updating three of their most iconic timepieces – bringing them to a whole new level! Here are all the updates to feast your eyes on:

Laureato Absolute Rock

Girard-Perregaux update

Vibrant, confident, eye-catching, the Laureato Absolute Rock captures the essence of sportiness and projects the spirit of the Laureato towards a bolder contemporary look.

Carbon Glass is at the core of the new timepiece. Unlike any other manufacturing process of other types of carbon, this innovation guarantees a full water resistance. Its patented manufacturing process involves an extreme compression of the materials during an injection procedure at high temperature. Aesthetically, unlike other types of carbon, it results in a smooth and uniform texture on all its surfaces. The integration of blue fibres associated to those of the carbon makes every one of the 100 pieces launched truly unique.

Another breakthrough innovation lies in its very high resistance, the carbon glass being 100 times more resistant than steel; without compromising on its lightness with a density close to 1 when steel is at about 8 and titanium 4.5.

Laureato Absolute Light

Girard-Perregaux update

Blending aesthetics and functionality, this new edition transforms technical components into distinctive design elements. For the first time, the mainplate is octagonal and screwed together with the bezel, case and case-back on the eight angles of the octagon, highlighting its iconic shape.

The Laureato Absolute Light reveals the art in precision engineering – all in the shape of an octagon in a 44mm case of sapphire and titanium. Its crystalline sapphire case allows for a stunning transparent view of the movement from all sides with a perfect light reflection on its mat and polished surfaces.

At the heart of the crystal-clear case beats a reworked interpretation of the skeletonized GP01800 movement. The bold anthracite NAC-treated bridges and mainplate feature no less than four different finishes.

The distinctive shape of the oscillating weight in hollowed-out gold ensures the movement is clearly visible in Girard-Perregaux’s signature style. The black NAC-treated ring has 12 curved sections between mirror-polished triangles to act as hour-markers.

The 1966 Orioin Trilogy

Girard-Perregaux update

Iconic design, reinvented. Technical excellence. Refined elegance. Variety. The new 1966 Orion has it all. The timepiece is a modern twist on the classic 1966 collection with three ultra-thin cases and two different aventurine dial colours (one blue and one black) that conjure up a sky full of stars.

The timepiece pays tribute to the great epic in Greek mythology where the god Zeus places a giant huntsman among the stars as the constellation Orion. The three elegant interpretations in the collection are a poetic reference to the three bright stars alighting his belt. The aventurine dials recall the constellation, which include two of the ten brightest stars seen from Earth.

Chinese astronomers knew Orion as Shen (參), a great warrior doing battle in the sky with a belt of three stars. It is one of the rare cases where a constellation was visualised almost exactly the same way in China as Europe.

The domed surface increases the feeling of depth against the black or blue aventurine dials recalling a twinkling night sky. The contrast of the glittery aventurine with the silver, black or golden tones of the cases and indexes exudes the refined elegance of the 1966 collection. Available in steel, DLC steel and pink gold, the collection offers a trilogy of variety.

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