Tips for Your First Time Fighting Master Rank Kulve Taroth (MR KT) in Monster Hunter World

The golden elder dragon, Kulve Taroth, is back today, and she’ll be sticking around till 4 June Monster Hunter World. For some of us, this might be the first time we’re facing off against this monstrous beast. Here are some simple and general tips to prepare you for your first fight with the Master Rank version of Kulve Taroth in the quest The Eternal Gold Rush.

Kulve Taroth facing off against hunters

Bring Fireproof Mantle

This, in my opinion, is the single most important piece of equipment to bring to this fight. All of her elemental attacks are fire, and she uses them pretty often. The uptime of this specialised tool is pretty good, so don it often in the fight and socket it with some sweet decorations if you have the upgraded version.

Learn to Wall-Smash Monsters, and do it on Kulve Taroth Often

Wall smashing is something that a surprisingly large number of players still do not know how to do, even after completing Iceborne’s story. Basically, you want to clutch claw onto the monster’s head, turn the monster with your claw by pressing Cirle until they’re facing a wall, then send them flying forward (you’ll need slinger ammo for this) by pressing R2.

This skill is essential in the MR KT fight, because it does about 2k damage per wall smash despite not KO’ing her. Moreover, she doesn’t get angry right away, so you can do it twice per phase (and only once in phase 3). Don’t be the team mate that doesn’t follow up on the first wall smash.

Bring Dust of Life, and Use It!

As with the Safi’jiiva siege, teamwork is essential in taking down Kulve Taroth. As this is a normal quest instead of a siege, your team mates carting three times would immediately fail it (barring food skills), basically wasting your time. Keep them alive when they’re in trouble with Dust of Life.

Kulve Taroth

Bring the Part Breaker Skill, if you can

The entire point of playing this fight is to farm for Kulve Taroth’s materials, so breaking parts (especially her horns for those extra carves) is always good. Be a pal and bring part breaker 3 if you can. Don’t sweat it if you can’t make space for this skill though – breaking parts isn’t as essential for this quest as it is for the KT siege and Safi Siege.

Be Careful of Her Tail in Phase 1

Finally, a small piece of combat advice. Try to stay clear of her tail in phase 1. It has such a huge sweeping range that it’s nigh impossible to dodge her tail attack, and you might find yourself cornered or stun-locked to death. My advice would be to keep to the flanks near her front legs throughout this phase.