All EPL Clubs Agree To Resume Contact Training

English Premier League (EPL) clubs have unanimously voted to return to contact training and this will include tackling, even as some players are concerned about taking to the field again during the coronavirus pandemic.

A brief shareholders meeting concluded with a vote on moving to Phase 2 of preparations following discussions on Tuesday between players, managers and league representatives designed to assuage concerns about social distancing.

Phase 2 allows up to 10 players to work together and would ease the time restrictions on training sessions and allow players to be closer.

epl contact training

“Project Restart” now includes a white paper created by STATSports, the company that makes GPS vests for the majority of its clubs, titled “Player Proximity” that outlines how players can be tracked to determine how many times they are within two metres of anyone else during a training session.

The average incursion lasts a maximum of 3.3 seconds. Clubs can use the data from these vests to track and trace anyone who came into contact with a player who subsequently tested positive.

Regardless of these developments, discussions are ongoing as work continues towards resuming the season – when conditions allow and when it is safe to do so.