What Newcastle Fans Think About The Called Off Takeover

The takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi Arabian-backed group has collapsed, with the group pulling out after losing patience with the seemingly never-ending review of the takeover by the Premier League.

While a lot of Geordies are upset about the the takeover breaking down, a lot of them have made their opinions known. Some even feel that the sale of the club is still possible, or that the Premier League purposefully made sure that the takeover would not happen.

Here are the best reactions:

Newcastle Fan #1

“Biggest stumbling block was not the piracy issue but Premier League concerns over whether it was the Saudi state and not an independent investment fund buying the club.”

Newcastle Fan #2

“My understanding is this takeover could be resurrected. Mike Ashley is still a willing seller. PIF PCP and Co are still willing buyers. The premier league need to budge on their position whatever it is, we want Saudi. NUFC, get the message to the Premier League loud and clear.”

Newcastle Fan #3

“Let’s have this right, if this was Man Utd it would have been put through weeks ago.”

Newcastle Fan #4

“The idea that only one group could ever buy or run Newcastle is utter nonsense. This club, with its fan base, will always attract interest. The fan base is too smart to be conned into thinking otherwise.”

Newcastle Fan #5

“It’s plainly obvious the powers that be don’t want Newcastle United challenging the so-called elite of the league.”