Umiki Whisky Wins Multiple Awards

At the World Whisky Master 2020 competition, Umiki Whisky was awarded with the “GOLD” medal within overall entrants.

At the same time, the liquor was awarded with the “TASTE GOLD” medal and “INNOVATION AWARD” at the SIP Awards 2020 competition.

umiki whisky

Umiki Whisky is the world’s first ocean fused whisky created by Yoshino Spirits Co.. It was initially available in North American, Asian markets in April and global markets from May  onwards.

The liquor is also the world’s first Japanese pine barrel aged whisky that uses only renewable water source for blending.

umiki whisky

This sustainable process brings an exceptional smoothness with sea-breeze on the nose, rounded floral taste on the palate and a soothing freshness in the finish.

For more information about Umiki whisky, visit MaltWineAsia.