Firmino Needs to be Replaced at Liverpool

There is concern with the form of Roberto Firmino and the Brazil international is in danger of being cut from Liverpool. Firmino is part of Liverpool’s vaunted front three alongside Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, who have been brilliant for the Reds for a number of seasons.

They scaled the mountain last season as Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time since 1990, but there has been a drop in Firmino’s form last term and that he has dipped again in the current campaign.

While there is hope that Mane and Salah will start scoring goals again, there is worry for Firmino. He has never been seen as ‘the’ goalscorer. That is the responsibility of the other two, but he is there to chip in. When they are not scoring, he has to be a bigger goal threat.

During the 0-0 draw with Manchester United he had a couple of chances but did not quite strike the ball right. The same happened in the loss against Burnley, when the Brazilian failed to make an impact. Although he is the spearhead of the attack, Firmino’s all-round game has been as important as his goals.

But the other parts of Firmino game have also dipped. Bringing others into the game has dropped off, along with the counter-pressing and winning the ball back. And it’s not just  this season – this goes back to last season when Liverpool won the league.

Fans would have been worried then, wondering if could he turn it around. He is the one raising more red flags and if there is one to be cut out before the others, it would be Firmino.

Sooner or later that front three will have to be broken up. The goals have been steadily going down. What stands out as well is Firmino’s possession numbers. It is a massive drop off. When he was not getting the goals and assists he was doing the other stuff, but it has massively declined.

At 29, Firmino is reaching a stage when forwards start to lose their zip. Whether it be a lack of form or that slow decline as players get older, which is natural for any attacker when you get to the late 20s, because they do not play as long as other players in football.