Ulysse Nardin Launches the Diver Lemon Shark for World Ocean Day

In honour of World’s Ocean Day and celebrating its community of friends and partners including world-renown shark experts, divers, universities, and non-profits, Ulysse Nardin unveils a stunning, shark-themed limited edition of the 42 mm Diver.

Ulysse Nardin has pledged its efforts in an environmental commitment that follows the United Nations guidelines and their 17 sustainable development goals (SDG), set to be met by 2030. The brand aims is to reduce marine pollution by integrating materials culled from the ocean whenever possible into their new products.

To celebrate the launch of the Diver Lemon Shark on World’s Ocean Day, Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with world-renown shark experts dedicated to the study of marine life and ocean conservation by bringing together two outstanding organizations: OCEARCH and the FIU Medina Aquarius Program in the FIU Institute of Environment.

Photographer Fred Buyle – a friend of Ulysse Nardin and fearless deep-sea diver based in the Azores– contributes his craft to the bio-tagging of sharks in a quest to better understand these gentle members of the Carcharhinid family. “Lemon sharks are not aggressive towards people yet they are nearly a threatened species. Bio-tagging is essential to having a larger perspective on how they live.”, says Buyle.

Fred uses his knowledge and experience to dive with scientists as they approach the apex predators of the seas, leading them to the nurseries where they give birth and documenting their courageous tagging process.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Lemon Shark retails for S$9,600. For more information, visit thehourglass.com.