Ulysse Nardin Launch New Diver Collection

Ulysse Nardin celebrates the most glorious months of the year with three new additions to its Diver collection. In shimmering shades of ocean blue, shark  ray and glistening white, these models will accompany as you bask in the summer sun and plunge into cool waters at long last.

June has brought back the joy of spending time in nature once again and it’s time to celebrate with a cool drink, a long swim and a new watch. Today’s ocean explorers can take the heat of Mother Nature’s elements, especially after so many months indoors.

Well-equipped in order to navigate the waters that are more the territory of fish, whales and sharks than they are of humans, these Diver models are the ideal companions for modern day Ulysses, precise nautical instruments to guide fearless explorers as they enjoy the summer months, whether on land or at sea.

Additions to an already illustrious family, the Summer 2021 Diver Collection completes the line, which comprises 38 references. All made by hand at the manufacture in Locle Switzerland where Ulysse Nardin has been located since its founding in 1846 the Diver collection wears the proud mantle of the nautical tradition established by Ulysse Nardin over 175 years ago.


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