Euro 2020 Post Match Summary | Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark

Denmark reaches the last 4 at Euro 2020 by defeating an unfortunate team from the Czech Republic in a 1-2 win in Baku. The Czechs got off to a sloppy start, but managed to perform together in the second half. But it was all in vain, as the Danish defense refused to be beaten twice.

Denmark were lucky enough to score a goal early in the game when Thomas Delaney headed the ball into the net in the 5th minute of the game. A set piece goal from the corner, but more defensive chaos for the Czechs as they leave the opposing midfielder wide open in the area.

Denmark doubled their lead in the closing minutes of the first half when Kasper Dolberg tapped the ball after an attractive cross to the far post from Maehle. It was surely an entertaining part of football as we saw some good end-to-end action from both sides. Denmark started very well and almost dominated the game for the first 20 minutes. But the Czech Republic refused to go down so easily and gradually got back into their rhythm. Although the Czechs created good scoring chances, Denmark were surely the best team overall.

They set the tone perfectly for the second half after scoring that goal just before the referee blew his whistle. The situation in the Czech Republic surely did not look good halfway, as they needed to cover the deficit of 2 goals in the remaining 45 minutes of the quarter-finals. The Czech Republic entered the field and began to annoy Smeichel from the beginning. At 4 minutes into the second half, the Czech Republic scored its first goal of the match. Patrick Schick scored his fifth goal at Euro 2020 with a one-touch shot in the lower left corner.

It was 2 goals less, but we never say that their heads fell. They entered the field with an offensive mindset and that’s exactly what they did. The Czech Republic kept knocking on the door, but Denmark somehow managed to defend itself from their attacks. After the 70th minute, Denmark seemed to be in control of the game and began to push for the third goal. The Czech fought well, but in the end he fell short. Denmark continues its Euro 2020 fairy tale campaign.

Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark

Delaney (5), Dolberg (42), Schick (49)