Tips & Tricks by Kioxia: Forming The Dream Team (Part 2)


In the previous tips and tricks article, we discussed the categories of characters in the game. Today, we will focus on how these characters work together, the importance of their roles in each team, and how to form the best team! 

I’ve seen too many people play triple marksman or no tanks at all in the game. You must fill every role in order to enhance your chances of winning. You must be able to fill in the gaps where your team lacks, depending on what your team already possesses. It’s annoying when a teammate auto locks in a character you wanted, but you have to put up with it and fill in as needed. If you don’t, you’ll have a higher probability of losing before the first minion wave. If you Solo queue, you definitely won’t be able to play your main every time so you have to be flexible. 

Fighters, on the whole, aren’t Tanks. Even if your squad has a fighter, you still need a tank. Tanks are crucial because they absorb all of the damage and CC that would otherwise vaporise your entire squad. 

Although the support position is debatable, their equipment is vital in a solid game. Nana, for example, may fully disable any hero with ridiculously harsh CC. With sufficient backup, the hard CC can provide assistance.

Marksman gives you the ability to reliably deal large levels of damage at a distance with basic attacks alone. As a result, every marksman is extremely squishy. They’re all quick to kill and quick to die. So having one is necessary for every game, but once you have more than 2 on the same team, you’ll be fighting in team battles with heroes who may be vaporized in seconds for a miss-hit. The respawn timers in late games are extremely long. As a result, being picked off by an assassin or fighter early in the game will cost your team the game.

Mages are required for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason for me is to diversify your team’s damage kind. Physical damage dealers make up the majority of damage dealers. Having at least 1 or 2 magic dealers on your squad forces the opponent team’s tank to diversify its attacks. 

Tip: When your entire squad is entirely physical, it’s really easy to counter your team by simply adding some armor. This is because your entire squad is dealing one form of damage, and you may see that the marksmen and wizards will likewise build armour. 

Tanks are vital to the team’s survival. If you’re dead, you can’t do anything. Eudora will shut you down regardless. When your squad doesn’t have a tank, you’re allowing your enemy to feed. The only way to win is to constantly put the opposition in a terrible position. If you have to rely on the opposing team to make a mistake, it is not a good sign for your team. 

Finally, assassins deal massive single-target damage, which I believe is really beneficial to the squad. With a single kill, they can rapidly transform a losing game into a win. The majority of them have a kit that permits them to move around freely. They can get around the enemy tank and fighters thanks to their mobility. No other hero class is capable of accomplishing this in such a short amount of time.

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