Tips & Tricks Presented by Kioxia: FIFA 22 Pro Tips for Winning Games (Part 1)

Whether you’re playing Career mode matches against the CPU or trying to reach the upper echelons of Division Rivals, the goal in FIFA 22 is learning how to win more matches. As part of our FIFA 22 guide, we’re going to help you to master the pitch, and become an unstoppable force both online and offline.

If you want to know how to win more matches in FIFA 22, then a good place to start is by conceding fewer goals. It goes without saying that defending is the foundation upon which your results are built: if you don’t concede any goals then the absolute worst result you can get is a draw.

In this section of our FIFA 22 guide, we’re going to share some defending tips that will hopefully help show you how to concede fewer goals.

Get the Midfielders Involved

A good place to start is to defend with midfielders whenever possible. If you’re using a formation with CDMs, then select them with either the L1 button or the right analogue stick and use them to challenge attackers, block passing lanes, and track runners. The reason to do this is that it’ll prevent you from stepping out of shape with your centre backs, allowing the AI to retain a robust defensive line. In most cases, this will mean that even if your CDM is beaten, your centre backs will still be available to mop up any danger.

Jockey More

In most cases, you don’t need a standing tackle or sliding tackle. The best way to defend is by staying on your feet and jockeying your opponent out wide with the L2 button. If you position your body correctly then you’ll stab the ball away, but by not committing you’ll also be able to block passing lanes and shepherd attackers away from the goal. Do not over-commit as you will get beaten: play it cool, retain good defensive shape, and don’t let your opponent catch you out of position. Try not to be too aggressive as you’ll be picked off, so just focus on making it difficult for your opponent until they make a mistake.

Exploit the Details

If you can’t stop the attacker from getting through on goal, then the best you can do is to minimise the risk of them scoring. If you know which players your opponent is using then try to force them onto their weaker foot, or at least shepherd them out wide. Limit your opponent to low-probability shots, like attempts outside of the box or with difficult angles, but be careful of long-range Finesse Shots as they’re quite powerful in FIFA 22. While you will, inevitably, concede a few goals over time, lowering the odds against you will at least put you in the best possible position to win.

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