Interview: FC Barcelona Legend Carlos Puyol Talks About His Career at the Club

FC Barcelona Legend and LaLiga Ambassador Carlos Puyol discusses Gerard Pique, playing in Guardiola’s Barcelona, and his favorite ElClasico memory in the 6-2 ElClasico win at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2009.

On Gerard Pique, and playing in Guardiola’s Barcelona

My connection with Gerard [Pique] was immediate. We connected first off the pitch, then playing with him on it was very easy.

He’s an incredible player, he knows Barcelona’s style of play like the back of his hand. He’d played for other clubs, but he came through the ranks at La Masia so he knew the system well.

A brilliant player, for me one of the greatest centre-backs of all time.

Many great memories. I’d say they were the best moments of my career. Not just because of everything we won, but also the way we won, the way we enjoyed ourselves, the group we had. Wonderful years.

On the 6-2 ElClasico win at the Santiago Bernabeu (2009)

If I had to pick one ElClasico memory, I’d go with our 6-2 win at the Bernabeu. Because of the way the game was, the result, and what it meant. Winning meant we were all but assured of being LaLiga champions.

I scored the goal that made it 2-1.

What did that goal mean to you?

Scoring goals was unusual for me. I didn’t score many, so scoring in ElClasico was very special. And scoring that goal at a crucial moment in the match, especially after they’d taken an early lead, put us in a good position.