URWERK Launch New UR-112 Aggregat

The UR-112 Aggregat is the latest addition to URWERK’s Special Project collection. It is a compendium of 25.5 grams of distilled technique, offering fully digital time displays, from hours down to seconds.

Starting with the hour and the minutes, each is displayed on triangular prisms operating under transparent cylinders, which appear as levitating mechanisms to be admired through the crystal.

On the left, the digital hour display. Each of the 12 numerals is engraved then filled with Super-LumiNova. The transcription of time takes the form of a sign display switching sharply to a chronometric rhythm.

On the right, the same system displays the minutes. Minutes free from the strain of the singular and instead jump in 5-minute increments.

This first edition UR-112 Agreggat is limited to 25 pieces with a matte finish. It has sober colours, an anthracite body with black sides complemented by a cover in the same colour. 

For more information, visit thehourglass.com.