Tips & Tricks presented by KIOXIA: Forming The Dream Team On Pokemon UNITE (Part 3)

Previously, we talked about beginners’ tips and tricks. Today, let’s delve deeper into how to form the dream squad and level up. In general, you should have at least two Pokemon on each lane and one in the Jungle. When you notice that your team is starting to cluster in one lane, be sure to take the initiative to change your lane to maintain the balance.

This makes the whole gameplay more efficient and the enemy would not be able to rush an empty lane. In this case, communication with your team is crucial, so it’s best if you play with friends!

Make sure your team has a variety of roles. For example, if you have a majority of Pokemons who do ranged attacks, balance it out with some melee Pokemons. These Pokemons are useful in going up close to attack enemies. It is best for the team to have a Tank, two Damage, a Support, and a Jungler. When skills complement, it makes it more effective in defeating enemies. 

Tip: Snorlax and Sylveon are two reliable top-laners with excellent movement compatibility. While Sylveon deals huge quantities of damage from behind, Snorlax can tank damage and initiate fights.

Did you know you could use grass to make you ‘invisible’? This makes it great for hiding from your enemy quickly, or for setting up ambush attacks. The enemy has no idea!

Tip: Steal Aeos energy from your enemy when they die, remember to pick it up from the ground. 

Fight boss pokemon. Capturing these powerful Pokemon provides your squad with important bonuses and bonus points. Boss Pokemon are only found in certain parts of the arena and require some effort to defeat. When pursuing these targets, it’s critical to communicate with your teammates so that you can defeat them quickly.

Tip: Do not fight these bosses alone! Always make sure you are with your team as you may be vulnerable to attacks by the enemy.

Do not forget to add battle items to your trainer to be used during the game. These battle items are obtained when you level up and give you extra effects during the game. Examples of these items include the potion, X speed, X attack, eject button, and slow smoke. 

Tip: The eject button (S-tier) is the best battle item suited for all roles, be sure to equip it! 

Overall, the main aim of the game is to score goals and less of defeating all the enemies. When you have accumulated enough Aeos energy, be sure to deposit it in your goal quickly and avoid getting defeated. When the game is over and Aeos Energy is not deposited, it will not be added to the team’s final score.

Remember, when you get defeated, the enemy gets to take all your energy for themselves. This is a situation we want to avoid! With that being said, we hope these tips are useful. Have fun! 

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