Tips & Tricks Presented by KIOXIA: Ghost of Tsushima Advanced Tactics (Part 2)

Players looking into Ghost of Tsushima carefully might realise that some insights from other games might work with mastering its gameplay. And while games don’t come from the same team, some principles seem to remain the same. Players who have played Dark Souls might want to consider using these tips to master Ghost of Tsushima.

Go with the Kunai First

Despite the efficiency of Jin’s Sword Stances, it’s his Ghost Stance – and his Ghost Weapons – that can give him a tremendous advantage when utilised properly. While players can go gung-ho and challenge their melee prowess versus multiple fighters, the more practical choice is to eliminate as many foes as possible with the least risk. Thankfully, the Kunai can make incursions easier against multiple foes. At its core, the Kunai can become a devastatingly potent long-ranged weapon. With the right timing, players can kill enemy threats before a big confrontation. This strategy can help players eliminate unnecessary foes and focus on fighting foes they truly have to fight in an area confrontation.

Eliminate Archers First 

Of all enemy types in the game, archers remain the most irritating to face. Unlike players, archers have great accuracy in their shots. Compared to melee foes, archers only have their screams to indicate when they will shoot. And from afar, a group of archers can whittle the player’s health in no time. As such, players should prioritise eliminating archers in any encounter. Find a way to roll towards them the fastest, in order to outmaneuver them in melee. It’s also possible to whack them out from behind, as they don’t react as fast as their other companions.

Maintain Higher Ground

Players might notice that even enemies suffer from fall damage. The tightest space of an archery tower can become the momentum they need to turn the tide of combat. When cornered, players should try finding higher ground immediately. Once players find a ladder, they can easily whack opponents out of commission as they try to climb up one by one. If players can’t find a ladder immediately, they can try looking for an archer, as they’re usually on higher ground. Alternatively, even cliffs can become handy killers, as players can kick foes to their deaths with the right timing.

Stagger Foes In Clusters

While players can deal with standoffs by finding an adequate combative Stance, facing multiple foes at once can get tricky. After all, switching Stances back and forth can get exhausting pretty quick. To avoid getting overwhelmed, players should whittle the opponent’s ranks by staggering them meticulously. As players know, they can stagger or break through the enemy’s shields (white bar) via the Triangle button. Compared to typical standoffs, breaking shields via stagger makes enemies more vulnerable to Jin’s heavier attacks. Players shouldn’t hesitate to roll around and parry attacks to score stagger counters. That way, players can break shields and counter with fierce counter-aggressions to eliminate them quickly.

Master Sword Stances

When assassinations fail, Jin resorts to melee combat when fighting enemies. Thankfully, his training as a samurai allowed him to use his sword in different ways. Tsushima offers players Stances that offer different approaches when fighting certain enemies. While Dark Souls players might want to try mastering just one Stance against everyone, it’s ideal to master not just all of the Stances but also switching in between them.

It’s also important for players to memorise the dynamics between classes. Stone Stance works against Swordsmen and regular opponents. Meanwhile, Water and Wind Stances work against Shieldmen and Spearmen, respectively. Lastly, Moon Stance works against Brutes. This knowledge becomes extremely important later on, as bigger battles will have Jin face hordes of enemies of multiple types, necessitating style switching.

Jump for Versatility

Fans of Dark Souls know that dodging and jumping can be two of the most vital parts of any combat strategy. In Tsushima, jumping can also expand the player’s combat options. Players should start experimenting with jump dodges, which helps them dodge slashes and strikes with jumps. With the right timing, players can jump over most enemy attacks. Using the jump dodge can be extremely useful, especially against attacks that Jin can’t parry. Moreover, jump attacks still help Jin maneuver around the battlefield. As such, jump kicks and jump slashes not only reposition Jin but also deal a bit of damage to enemies.

Parry to Break Combos

Whereas Dark Souls relies a lot on dodging attacks, Tsushima encourages players to attack enemies head-on. However, this advice doesn’t mean attacking enemies carelessly. Thanks to the game’s parry mechanics, Jin can place a well-timed parry in the middle of an enemy combo to disrupt their posture and zoom in for the kill. Players experiencing a hard time pulling off parries and dodges should go to the Spring Falls Shrine and get the Mizu-no-Kami charm. Thanks to this charm, players have a wider window to fulfil basic parries as well as perfect dodges and perfect parries. Ideally, players should learn the timing without the charm’s help, as there are other charms much more beneficial for other combat needs.

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