Tips & Tricks Presented by KIOXIA: More Ghost of Tsushima Advanced Tactics (Part 3 Finale)

Players looking into Ghost of Tsushima carefully might realise that some insights from other games might work with mastering its gameplay. And while games don’t come from the same team, some principles seem to remain the same. Players who have played Dark Souls might want to consider using these tips to master Ghost of Tsushima.

Concentration Slows Time

Thanks to Concentrate, Jin can slow time with his bow in order to aim towards enemies much easier. Ideally, players should use this to eliminate enemy archers from afar. However, this move does open them to attacks from nearby enemies. Thankfully, players can do a neat trick to circumvent this disadvantage. Players should remember that releasing Concentrate will immediately put the bow away. However, there’s almost no delay between unequipping the bow and initiating a guard. As such, Jin can almost always pull off perfect parries by timing the parry during Concentration.

Smoke Bombs For Quick Kills

Unlike modern stealth games that rely on advanced gadgets, Tsushima uses both the environment and some unique tools to get the advantage in stealth missions. While the smoke bomb works as an escape tool, it can also be used to clock in some easy assassinations. For instance, smoke bombs against unsuspecting enemies can grant enough room for a few stealth kills before having to retreat. This window gives a lot of time for Jin to plan his approach – whether to stealth kill and escape, or to stealth kill and fight the rest of the group.

Use The Horse For Easy Kills

Interestingly, certain gameplay elements can overlap to aid Jin dispatch enemies much faster and easier. For instance, NPCs don’t treat horses by themselves as enemy combatants. As such, players mounting a horse can dismount within standoff range and do a neat trick to assassinate opponents. Players should do this trick after dismounting in a position that places Jin behind the horse. Afterward, they should whistle to urge enemies to come closer. This maneuver should give enough space between Jin and his opponents for chain assassinations.

Master The Typhoon Kick

Thanks to different Stances, Jin can easily alternate between fighting styles. However, these Stances also come with unique finishers that can add not just style but also more versatility to gameplay. However, of all finishers, players should consider mastering the Typhoon Kick from the Wind Stance. This kick induces knockdown on most enemies, leaving them wide open for instant-kill attacks. Unfortunately, Typhoon Kick doesn’t work on Brutes, and units may still be able to block this. However, mastering the timing of Typhoon Kick can definitely transform Jin into a juggernaut.

Always Have Resolve

Fans of Dark Souls know not having enough Stamina can become a death sentence. This principle works in the same way when talking about Resolve in Tsushima, as this is the second main stat in the game. Resolve allows Jin to perform more complex moves and maneuvers in combat, enabling players not just to execute combos but also be more agile in the process. In a way, Resolve transforms Tsushima into a lite resource management game, as players aren’t advised to enter combat without it. Thankfully, there are some ways players can earn Resolve much faster. Kills during standoffs, as well as killing terrified opponents, can increase Resolve much quickly. Of course, this factor also means players may need to adjust their fighting styles to ensure they constantly regenerate Resolve.

Don’t Upgrade Too Fast

Armor upgrades allow Jin to experience more benefits from a certain piece of armor – such as increasing the range of their unique perks. However, these upgrades cost certain supplies that Jin will find across the battlefield. Ideally, this factor means Jin can easily upgrade any armor he wishes. However, players should consider the potential perks of maxing out a piece of armor, as Jin will get more of them as he progresses through the story. Moreover, all armors will likely cost a number of the same resources. As such, they might potentially waste resources on an earlier piece of armor that could benefit a better armor they have now. This caveat will also force players to be more careful and mindful of their playstyle. Lacking the usual benefits of armor will make them much more vulnerable to attacks. Likewise, this disadvantage may also encourage mastery for players looking for a challenge.

Stay on the Defensive

Players used to other action titles might itch to just button mash their way out of combat. Unfortunately, Tsushima doesn’t work this way. Since enemies can also dodge and parry attacks, players might be surprised to find an enemy swordsman sidestepping from a player mid-assault and punish them with a deadly combo. As such, players should ideally just opt for a set of two to three swings and wait for the enemy to respond. This pattern gives players the opportunity to time their parries and dodges better before rushing for the counterattack.

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