Tips & Tricks Presented by KIOXIA: Beginner Tips For Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (Part 1)

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a rich game with plenty of environments to explore, characters to meet, and enemies to shoot. As a linear, single-player game, it also provides a clear path for players to follow in order to reach the next major story beat.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is also host to a variety of different systems for upgrading the team, navigating battle, and discovering hidden collectibles and resources. It can be overwhelming, but there are a few tips that will turn any beginner into a bonafide Guardian of the Galaxy in no time.

Take Time To Explore

Each planet in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with different biomes, pathways, and hidden alcoves for players to discover on their cosmic journey. While the path forward is usually pretty clear, players shouldn’t feel rushed to charge on ahead to the next major narrative moment. Taking time to explore can yield awesome results, including resources for upgrading Star-Lord’s equipment or even special collectibles that unlock conversations with different members of the team. The best prizes, though, are the alternate costumes for each Guardian that totally change up their looks.

Talk To The Team

There are numerous opportunities for players to talk to the rest of the Guardians, both in the Milano and while exploring different planets and ships. These brief conversations might not seem like much at first, but they offer glimpses into these characters’ pasts and help to make these characters more dimensional. There are also often dialogue choices players can make during these conversations, which reveal additional info about the rest of the team. Some of the most iconic lines in the game, both funny and deeply emotional, can be found during these quiet moments spent with friends.

Use The Environment In Battle

Combat in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a frenetic affair, with vines shooting up from the floor and bombs raining down from overhead. The abilities assigned to each Guardian are crucial to navigating battle, but they’re not the only way for Star-Lord to use his team advantageously. Every battle arena has different environmental triggers that different teammates can activate. For example, Groot can pull up roots from the ground, or Gamora can cut down an overhanging crate. They’re single-use attacks, but since they don’t have a cooldown, they essentially function as a free ability.

Stay Close To The Action

Peter Quill sports a pair of pistols that allow him to dish out damage at range to any enemies who dare cross his path. However, while Peter’s Spartoi element guns boast a wide range of different abilities, they’re not so useful against opponents that are far away. Peter’s guns will even prompt players when the guns are in the best range for optimal damage, which is pretty much right up in an enemy’s face. Because of this, it’s worthwhile for players to stay close to the enemy they’re firing at, as they won’t have to fire as many shots to take it down.

Chain Abilities Often

While Peter Quill by himself can’t dish out that much damage in a short amount of time, his allies pack somewhat bigger punches. Each Guardian has a slate of powerful abilities that Peter can command them to use for a variety of effects. The most critical of these effects is that each ability applies a damage multiplier to an enemy for a short time, dramatically boosting any damage inflicted on them. Stacking damage bonuses is crucial for eliminating groups of enemies or taking down tricky bosses.

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