Tips & Tricks Presented by KIOXIA: Beginner Tips For Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (Part 2)

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a rich game with plenty of environments to explore, characters to meet, and enemies to shoot. As a linear, single-player game, it also provides a clear path for players to follow in order to reach the next major story beat.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is also host to a variety of different systems for upgrading the team, navigating battle, and discovering hidden collectibles and resources. It can be overwhelming, but there are a few tips that will turn any beginner into a bonafide Guardian of the Galaxy in no time.

Choose Gear Upgrades Carefully

Rocket is the resident tech wizard aboard the Milano, and as such he can upgrade Peter’s various pieces of equipment using resources and parts found across the galaxy. These upgrades can give Peter’s gear all sorts of new features like an active reload or a charge shot. It’s important for players to pick the order they unlock these upgrades in carefully, though, as some are more useful to have early on than others. The upgrade that allows players to sense nearby collectibles is a vital one to pick up early on, as it makes unlocking all the rest significantly easier.

Know That Choices Have Consequences

Peter Quill on a red planet with two dialogue options at the bottom of the screen There are several moments in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that offer players a choice on how to handle a situation. What contraband should the Guardians hide? How should they navigate this tricky negotiation? Should Drax throw Rocket across a ravine? These choices can have pivotal consequences for the Guardians down the line, with more than a few factoring into the game’s final moments. Not only do these decisions have ramifications on how the game’s story plays out, but players will also hear different dialogue between characters based on their choices.

Dodge Often

Peter Quill with his jet boots issuing blue flames while a green with a blue four-legged monster behind him Combat in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy can get hectic at times, with each enemy type offering its own unique challenges that get more complicated when different factions are on the field simultaneously. This is why Star-Lord’s dodge maneuver is so necessary and should be employed often. The dodge activates a quick flare of Peter’s jet boots that allow him to nimbly avoid incoming attacks. There’s no penalty to doing often, and it can be used in just about any direction. The dodge can also be upgraded to create a slow-down effect when Peter dodges just before getting hit.

Always Go For The Stagger

Similar to games like Final Fantasy VIIR and Jedi Fallen Order, some enemies in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have a stagger meter that, when filled, renders them vulnerable to devastating attacks. Those enemies that have a stagger bar are usually among the tougher opponents the team will face on their adventure. Filling the bar is always the best way to approach these enemies. Certain Guardian abilities are designed to increase the stagger bar, like Drax’s Destroy ability, and most enemies will have an elemental weakness Peter can exploit with his guns.

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