URWERK Presents the UR-100V in Carbon

The new UR-100V in carbon relies on three essentials. It is a light watch with perfect ergonomics mounted on a technical rubber strap. The case is composed of 52 layers of ultra-thin carbon. Aesthetics subtly blend the sensual curves and angular geometry of its unique shape. Introducing the UR-100V C52.

The 100V collection continues its saga. The “Full Titanium Jacket” is now succeeded by the UR-100V C52. A watch with an ultra-tech case made of High Resistance CTP Carbon. An extremely resilient carbon composed of 52 layers compressed in epoxy polymer resin. The use of this unusual material allows the case of the UR-100V C52 to tip the scales at a featherweight 11 grams including titanium back.

The UR-100V C52 is mounted on a strap with a folding clasp, featuring textured flexible rubber for a comfortable fit.

On the UR-100V, the display of hours and minutes is via satellites. A minute hand (one of three), once past the 60-minute mark, disappears to then reappear as a kilometer counter. It illustrates the 555 kilometers we travel every 20 minutes on the surface of the Earth. 555 kilometers/hr is the average speed of rotation of the Earth at the Equator. Opposite this indication, another displays the speed of the Earth’s revolution around the sun, i.e., 35,740 kilometers in 20 minutes. On the face of the UR-100V, hours and kilometers share the same status, the same value.

The hour and minute numerals indications are illuminated in highly legible incandescent green for easy readability. Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK says: “This creation is inspired by a gift received from my father, Geri Baumgartner, renowned restorer of antique clocks. It is a clock made by Gustave Sandoz for the Universal Exhibition of 1893. Its particularity is that it indicates the distance traveled by the Earth at the Equator rather than the time”.

The UR-100V In Carbon is a limited edition of 25 pieces and retails for SGD 83,000 with tax.