Tips and Tricks | Call of Duty: Mobile’s 5 Ultimate Guns Guide and Tips (Part 3)

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the game, let us deep dive into the weapons to elevate your gaming skills. If you are a beginner player, check out our Battle Royale (Part 1) and Multiplayer guides (Part 2) first! 

Call of Duty Mobile is one of those mobile games that can get rather competitive, especially in ranked modes. Having the right loadouts with some of the best weapons can be one of the most critical aspects of securing a win. Firstly there are 5 categories of guns, the Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Light machine guns (LMG), Submachine guns (SMG), and Shotguns. Here are some of the best weapons to get ranked up more quickly. 

Assault Rifle – M13

The assault rifle’s default stats include maximum damage of 24 and an accuracy of 56. In Season 10, it received a few improvements, primarily to its reload, movement speed, and bullet flexibility. These enhancements converted the weapon into a force to be reckoned with, and attachments can help it even more. The M13 becomes the ideal weapon to dominate a map when equipped with attachments that boost mobility and reduce recoil.

Tip: This is the best gun to use if you want to wipe out an enemy team solo without missing most of your shots, due to steady recoil. 

Sniper Rifle – Locus

Locus simply outperforms any other Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile in terms of Damage, Accuracy, and Range. It has a maximum damage of 95 points. For its superb accuracy and one-shot death damage, the Locus bolt-action rifle has gotten a lot of attention. If the target is shot in the head, torso, or chest, the gun’s damage is incredible. However, if you don’t have an excellent aim, you can miss the objective and warn the enemy.

Tip: The YKM Lightweight Short barrel with Lightweight Stock are ideal pairings with the Locus.

Light Machine Gun (LMG) – RPD

RPD’s ammo is one of its best features. You’ll never run out because there’s plenty of it strewn throughout the maps. Aside from that, the magazine carries 100 rounds of ammunition, so if you’re a pro shooter, you’ll be able to rule the battlefield with just this weapon.

Tip: The RPD is the only LMG with unrivaled firepower that requires no additional equipment.

Submachine Gun (SMG) – QQ9

QQ9 or MP5 is a fully automatic submachine gun with great damage, fast fire rate, good accuracy, and moderate recoil in the SMG class of COD Mobile. QQ9 has a close or medium range effective prime. One of the main reasons why QQ9 (MP5) is perhaps the greatest SMG in CoD Mobile is its incredible mobility. This, combined with an incredible fire rate and a large magazine size, makes it one of the greatest SMG guns. 

Tip: It the greatest SMG for close to mid-range battles, especially in multiplayer mode. 

Shotgun – Echo

Due to its self-reloading capability and exceptionally high damage output in really close combat, the Echo is currently one of the best shotguns in Call of Duty: Mobile. It provides consistent fire in a close range due to the large ammunition size. If aimed at the head, the gun assures a kill in one shot.

Tip: Use accessories like the MIP expended light barrel or the OWC Marksman to increase the damage range of Echo.

Here are all the 5 best guns for COD mobile battle royale and multiplayer mode. In the end, it all boils down to your own personal experience with a firearm. Try out practice maps with different guns and find out which one suits you the best!