Birth of the URWERK 100V Time and Culture Line

URWERK pays tribute with its new 100V Time and Culture line, dedicated to perceptions of time through the ages and cultures, has been named Time and Culture.

We are literally being treated to a journey through space-time. And to materialise such a journey, the UR-100V, combining indications expressed in minutes and kilometres, proved to be the ideal vehicle.

The first stop in the 100V Time and Culture line takes us to the lands of Central America, around the year 1479. The pediment of this timepiece features the motifs of the “Sun Stone”, one of the most emblematic works of Aztec art, now preserved in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City.

This monolith is a sculpted disc approximately 3.6 metres in diameter. This masterful work refers to the Aztec calendar, with the third circle representing the 20 days of the month, the fourth the 260 days of the year.

This pattern is therefore repeated on the copper-coloured dome of the UR-100V Time and Culture I. The result is exquisitely delicate. The milling cutter used for the engraving has a 0.05 mm-thin point. The work must therefore be admired with a magnifying glass to appreciate its precision. The ridge lines of the motif are satin-brushed, while the hollows are micro-sandblasted to obtain a velvety finish, in order to highlight the volumes and honour this priceless heritage.

On this UR-100V from the Time and Culture line, a new piece of information is added to the hours and minutes display. Once the 60th minute has passed, the minutes hand disappears and reappears as a kilometre counter.

It illustrates the 524.89 kilometres covered every 20 minutes by any person located in Mexico. This is the average speed of the Earth’s rotation calculated at Mexico City. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Earth’s revolution around the sun is displayed, i.e. 35,742 kilometres per 20 minutes.

On the face of the UR-100V, hours and kilometres thus share the same status, the same scale of value. These units are lit up in incandescent blue when reading the hours.

The UR-100V Time and Culture I is a limited edition of 20 pieces and retails for SGD 106,000 with tax.