Ressence Launch Minimalist Type 8

The Ressence Type 8 visually and functionally expresses a lean, young, and agile vision of 21st century fine watchmaking. The watch perfectly illustrates the brand’s confident and contemporary approach and is built on its fundamental principles of originality, accessibility and innovation.

The sixth distinct family of watches from Ressence, the Type 8 has been designed with the same functional relevance that defines all Ressence watches. Clarity, simplicity and ergonomics are at the core of its design. The watch is the latest expression of Ressence’s mission to modernise fine watchmaking. Price-wise, the Type 8 forms a new entry level for the brand, thereby expanding its core collection to a wider audience.

The Type 8 has a hyper-modern, sleek case whose deceptively simple, lean silhouette is the most minimal of all Ressence creations. Crafted entirely from grade five titanium, the 42.9mm case contributes to an extremely light overall weight: with the strap included, the watch weighs just 42 grams. Thanks to titanium’s high specific strength and the unique egg-shell shape of the watch, the watch makes no compromises on rigidity or strength despite its weight.

The tapered case has a sandwich-style construction with a two tone finish, showcasing both polished and satin finishing textures. The case has no apparent lugs; they are hidden behind a small ‘skirt’ extending from the round case body. The overall effect is of one integrated case volume, out of which the strap appears to grow invisibly.

In keeping with Ressence’s previous designs and the company’s founding principle of ergonomic utility, the Type 8 does not have a visible crown that marks the watch out as left- or right-handed. Instead, it is the titanium case back that can rotate to set the time. By setting the time, the rotation of the case back will also wind the mechanical movement. The watch’s ambidextrous design, combined with its streamlined shape and light weight make for a comfortable experience on all wrists.

The Type 8C is the simplest watch yet produced by Ressence in terms of timekeeping indications. Graphically simplified to the essence, the watch indicates only the hours and minutes, and with no text or numbers, the domed cobalt blue dial has been reduced to the viable minimum. Simple white baton markers present the time with perfect clarity from any angle thanks to the revolutionary Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) display, whereby the dial itself comprises rotating discs set into the same plane. The hands and the hour and minute scales are picked out in blue SuperLuminova for low-light legibility.

As with all Ressence watches, the dial of the Type 8 eschews traditional notions of centrally-mounted hands. Instead, the main dial, a domed piece of titanium, rotates to indicate the minutes. Set within it on the same plane, a smaller dial rotates to mark the hours. Thus the entire dial is everchanging, but still presents an intuitive at-a-glance display, legible from any angle.

The Ressence Type 8C retails for SGD 19,400 with tax.