Tips and Tricks for Gamer Girls | Overcooked! 2: Beginner Guide (Part 1)

An Introduction

Overcooked! 2 is a cooperative cooking simulation video game launched on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as a sequel to Overcooked! Chilling with my girls and playing this game is one of my favourite pastime activities. The Onion Kingdom is once again in trouble, but this time it is the fault of the Onion King himself. To combat this new opponent and restore the kingdom once more, players will have to chop, cook, and bake their way through all-new wacky kitchens.

Overcooked! 2 is a game for one to four players.I can play alone or with my friends on the sofa or online to create a ton of unique new recipes. Overcome challenges like fire, falling floors, bossy waiters, and floating work tops. The online multiplayer mode is special in Overcooked! 2 instead of Overcooked!. 

Arcade Mode

Because it is randomised and incredibly easy to get into, Arcade Mode will be the most played mode for many people once they finish the story. The beautiful thing about this option is that you can just get together with some friends online and jump into a random level with someone who shares your kitchen theme. However, there is a drawback: you may be placed in a late-game (story-wise) level that is quite chaotic, so keep that in mind.

Old VS New

If you are an old Overcooked! player, don’t worry about getting bored as the Overcooked! 2 brings a slew of additional chefs to play within the kitchen, including an eagle, a mouse, a beaver, and, of course, an octopus. From spaghetti to sushi, pancakes to pizza, familiar and new recipes will need to be prepared to perfection (or at the very least not charred!) Even the most seasoned Overcooked! gamers will be challenged by new recipes, which imply new ingredients and equipment.


As you drive, sail and soar your way around the map in the Onion King’s amphibious air bus you will open up new areas using hidden buttons around the world. There are 6 worlds, each with six levels for a total of 36 in the main campaign. There are an additional 8 Kevin Levels that can be unlocked by clearing levels under certain conditions, bringing the grand total to 45 (plus the tutorial level). 

As you progress through Overcooked! 2, you will be required to clean up the plates as well. You don’t have enough clean plates to begin the level, and it won’t be long until you have to clean them up. After a certain amount of time has passed since you sent out dishes, filthy plates will begin to return. Always keep an eye out for them and clean them as you go, since if you don’t have a clean dish even after preparing a meal, you won’t be able to send out your order on time.

Communication is Key

Although the game features a solo option, I highly recommend playing it with friends and family in co-op mode. In all the cooking madness, effective communication can be the reason behind success and loss. We recommend that all players communicate with each other and try to be as cooperative with each other as possible.

Stay tuned for our next article on Saturday for tips and tricks to pass each level in Overcooked! 2.