Tips and Tricks | 5 Final Tips for Fortnite Players (Part 4) Finale

Now that we have gone through all the different tips and strategies for Battle Royale, Save The World and Creative, here are 5 final tips for the game, for advanced players.

Know when to drop into popular places on the map

It’s logical not to drop into a densely populated area on the map. However, these areas are well-known for a reason. Are you preparing to face an opposing team by yourself? Is your entire team still with you? Should you wait and try to wait it out till the teams there have fought each other? If you rush into a fight without first scanning your surroundings, it’s simple to be blindsided by an enemy squad.

Be quiet

One of the most crucial Fortnite hints is to keep the decibel level as low as possible. Even with legendary weapons, if a player nearby recognizes you, they have a considerable edge. Run as little as possible — running is louder than walking or crouching and generates a cloud of smoke. Use your pickaxe to build up resources. Alternatively, keep your surroundings safe while looting. It’s worth noting that other players can hear you switching weapons.

Be patient

Wait if you hear a faint noise. Be alert and stay on guard. You’ll be shot as soon as you grow complacent. Battle royale games, like Fortnite Battle Royale, are as much about a state of mind as they are about shooting abilities. If you come across a good cover that allows you to ignore the circle’s perimeter, assume you’re not alone. If you only made it to the safe zone barely escaping the circle, remember that there are lots of other players in the same boat. Fortnite’s map is large, but not enormous. When you’re shooting with someone, it usually signifies that you’re attracting the attention of other opportunistic gamers.

Understand the map

As the islands in Fortnite vary from chapter to chapter, it’s crucial to understand where everything is. Fill up the blanks on the map as best you can. You’ll know where the hot locations are, where specific NPCs spawn, and where you can obtain some of the game’s strongest weapons.

Invest in good headphones

To counterattack your opponents, you should invest in a decent pair. Because the game is free, you’ve actually saved money for something else. Wearing headphones can determine if you win or lose, even without good weapons because knowing where the other players are is half the battle won. Be quiet and be aware of other sounds.

These are all our tips for the different modes of Fortnite, we hope that it has been useful for you!