Tips and Tricks for Gamer Girls | Overcooked! 2: Tips To Get 3 Stars (Part 2) Finale

Overcooked! 2 is a fun cooking game for everyone, especially whether played in local co-op or online multiplayer with friends. This new sequel transports us to the Onion Kingdoms, where we must cook and defend the world from the terrible Unbreads who have risen from the dead thanks to a magical spell.

Now that we have run through the basic introduction of the game, it is time to learn how to be GOOD at it. After all, it gets really frustrating when you only barely pass every level. Today, we are here with 5 tips on how to get 3 stars on every level. 

Split up the work

The key to success is the division of labour. For instance, assign one person to chop veggies and another to cooking meat. You won’t be in each other’s way, and the cooking process will be improved by so much.

Another Overcooked! 2 suggestion is to be cautious of dirty dishes piling up. They have a habit of piling up while you’re not looking, causing major disruptions in your operation. Try to wash the dishes in turns or whenever you have free time. In any case, keep an eye out for those dirty dishes. 

Co-op is easier

This game was designed to be played and enjoyed in co-op, either on the couch or online, in Story or Arcade mode. Arcade mode is so enjoyable, and an excellent way to play with friends. I recommend playing the tutorial and some of the tales before going online, Arcade, or VS mode because those modes do not show the tutorial. 

Replay the level

Play each level multiple times to learn how the kitchen works and to better synchronise your work, whether alone or with others. You can also start assigning different duties for each player to undertake in a more efficient manner once you understand how the various kitchens behave. This will also assist you and your teammates in reacting more quickly when one of you makes a mistake.

Customer’s patience may run out fast

Customers in Overcooked! 2 have their own amount of patience when it comes to waiting for their food, just as in real life. Customers’ orders come in along the top of the screen in each kitchen. This indicates whether they want sushi, pasta, fries, salad, fried chicken, or something else entirely. A colored bar appears at the top of the order. It’s critical to pay attention to this because it reflects the customer’s patience.

Use the ‘toss’ function

To send your ingredients on to another cook in the original Overcooked!, you must walk them across the entire kitchen. Fortunately, Overcooked! 2 eliminates this time-consuming task: instead of throwing your ingredients on the ground, you may now toss them directly to your other chefs.

Now, you are more than ready to conquer this game. I love how chill it is, but at the same time still challenging so I won’t get bored of it. It really keeps me looking forward to playing another round with my friends!