Tips and Tricks for Gamer Girls: Animal Crossing Beginner Guide (Part 1)


A very popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing has been the to-go game with most Nintendo Switches. It has been gaining popularity for its island customisations, tapping into the need of people seeking emotional refuge in today’s turbulent times.

Advertised as a ‘dream getaway’, many (including myself) can see why. You can even share and visit islands with your friends! Here are 5 tips to get you going when you first play the game.

1) Talk to other villagers

This is one of the first things you can do. Talking to other villagers improves your relationship with them, they will start to give you presents that may be useful in building your island. You can’t actively follow your progress with them, but you’ll know you’re on the right road when you receive the choice to offer them presents after a few days.

2) Earn tools to explore your island

To get the Fishing Rod and Bug Net, contact Tom Nook in Resident Services. Timmy sells the DIY recipe for the Slingshot, and gives Tom Nook at least two bugs and/or fish for the Stone Axe. Give Tom Nook at least four bugs and/or fish for a watering can, and give him five bugs and/or fish and chat with Blathers after he arrives for the shovel and vaulting pole. Getting a ladder, is a much later addition. For now, continue to complete Tom Nook’s duties to pay off your tent debt.

3) Now, you are all set to start collecting resources

Use some of the fruit you’ve either been provided or harvested to plant additional fruit trees once you’ve got a shovel ready to go. Shake trees and pull weeds for items to drop onto you too. Wasps, on the other hand, sell for a lot of Bells, so you’ll want to catch them.

4) Go for a swim

The latest animal crossing now allows players to go into the water around their island and dive beneath the surface to look for bubbles. You may now collect a variety of aquatic species out at sea, just like you can locate unusual fish and insects around your island, whether to give to Blathers at the museum or to sell for a quick bell.

5) Catch every animal you see

Stinkbugs and mantises may be found in flowers, butterflies can be found in the groves, while pill bugs and spiders can be found by shaking trees and rocks. Start giving your captured animals to Tom Nook as soon as you make your first bug net and fishing rod. You could also sell these animals to the island’s native traders, Timmy and Tommy, but Tom Nook would send each one to his off-island friend Blathers the owl.

If you donate enough money, Blathers the owl will come to the island and establish a museum for you, allowing you to embark on a much larger collecting endeavour, greatly expanding the game.

Now that you have a headstart on the game, I hope this helps you in enjoying the game more. With the concept of Animal Crossing was born from the idea of spending time with people you care about, it is a relaxing game away from the hustle and bustle of life. Stay tuned to our guide this Saturday for another guide on Animal Crossing, this time for more intermediate players!