Tips and Tricks for Gamer Girls:5 Animal Crossing Tips For Your Island To Thrive (Part 2) Finale


Having gone through the beginner guide for Animal Crossing with you, we will now get deeper into how to actually make your island thrive. That’s right, we don’t just want a boring island to survive on, we want to make sure life thrives on it.

1) Do not underestimate the power of fruits

It’s more vital than ever to eat fruit every day. It helps to break rocks, not just because it is important to be well fed and maintain a balanced diet. Animal Crossing: New Horizons features whole new energy mechanically in an attempt to improve gameplay. Villagers can acquire one point of energy by just eating a piece of fruit.

Energy can be stored and then utilized through the use of tools. Keep in mind, however, that if you have energy, it will be utilized automatically.

2) Find sinkholes while digging

Digging has long been a favourite pastime of Animal Crossing gamers. Despite the absence of Gyroids as moving, posable things, fossils remain in the game. Not only that, but the beach has a few sinkholes that are a little difficult to identify. They’re easy to find once you know where to look for them.

Water squirts out of the sand on the beach every now and then. It will happen swiftly. Wait long enough, and the villagers will be able to see where the water is coming from. Villagers will either find Gulliver’s phone components or Manilla Clams if they dig there.

3) At all times, keep a workbench in your pocket

Whether you’re adjusting trees on a remote corner of your island or finally discovering the scorpion Mystery Island, the tool you require at the time will inevitably break.

But, no matter what, this method will always save you. Simply have a DIY Workbench in your pocket, as well as some of the fundamental supplies you’ll need for those tools. It will save you a significant amount of time and work.

4) Trees can be shaken for free furniture

Every day, two free goods are concealed in your non-fruit trees on your island, so don’t forget to shake all of them every day.

In addition, to catch wasps, you can collect the wasps without getting stung if you shake the trees while holding a net. You can catch them by pressing A when they fall. The wasps can then be sold for bells, and the trees can be securely chopped down for wood.

5) Throw unwanted items

Eating fruit gives you more strength to uproot trees and shatter boulders, but you may overestimate how much fruit you require and end up with too much energy. If you want to get rid of any unwanted fruit energy, all you have to do is climb on a toilet and your unwanted energy will vanish. Another issue that players face is a lack of inventory space. Rather than dumping or placing undesirable goods on the ground, press the A button while standing in front of a trash can to dispose of your unwanted stuff. You can also earn extra bells for your flung stuff by using the drop-off box outside Nook’s Cranny at any time of day.

That concludes our beginner and advanced guide for fellow gamer girls in Animal Crossing. We hope these tips have been helpful!