Tips and Tricks | Overwatch: Beginner Hero Guide (Part 1)

Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch, a cooperative multiplayer first-person shooter game. As a “hero shooter,” Overwatch divides players into two teams of six, with each player choosing a character from a lengthy list of “heroes” with distinctive skills.

This beginner guide will talk about the different types of heroes and how you can best utilise them. In Overwatch, there are 32 selectable heroes. Each hero has a distinct playstyle and fits into one of three categories: tank, damage, or support.



Doomfist’s rework classifies him as a tank rather than a DPS, which alters his playstyle in a few significant ways. Importantly, his base HP has risen from 250 to 450, giving him additional solo kill potential. Doomfist’s new Power Block skill allows him to block 90% of frontal damage, making him a versatile and deadly tank.


D.Va is a defensive hero, and with changes to her skills, she may now use her Defence Matrix ability to block more damage than ever before. Additionally, D.Va has a deadly ultimate called Self-Destruct that causes her to escape from her exploding mech. This ultimate has the power to eliminate whole teams if used at the right moment.



If you’re new to Overwatch and want to test out the support class, Mercy is the finest character to start with. She can increase an ally’s damage or heal them every second with her Caduceus Staff. She can remain attached to offensive characters like Pharah or even more durable characters like D.Va with 200 HP and alternate between preserving their life and increasing their damage output. Although she possesses a Caduceus Blaster that she can use if necessary to defend herself, your first priority should be to strengthen your companions.


In Overwatch, Lucio is arguably the most complete support character. He is fast, heals well, and even deals some respectable damage. He can blast adversaries and repel them with his secondary fire. He is a useful ally to have around when attempting to advance toward a goal because of his Crossfade ability, which allows him to create an aura that either heals or boosts the mobility of his comrades. As long as Lucio is present, it will be incredibly challenging to gradually eliminate your squad because he heals up a sizable amount of HP as well.



Her main means of movement is the Coach Gun ability. She can use it to flee quickly, but it can also be used to go to high areas, which are essential even for semi-snipers like Ashe. On the other side, her Dynamite ability can do a ton of AOE damage or be used to clear foes off an objective.


Echo was undoubtedly a game-changer, despite being one of the final heroes to be added to the game. Both Sticky Bombs and Echo’s Focusing Beam are useful damaging weapons that, when utilized properly, may deal significant damage. Her Focusing Beam is also perfect for dealing those tough tanks the killing blow.

We hope that this hero guide helps you in deciding which hero to play in the game. Next week, we will be sharing about the different tiers of heroes and more tips, stay tuned to that!