Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 4, Mercenaries of Fortune, Deploys on June 22

As the Tier 1 Operators form new factions in search of illicit benefits, old allegiances disintegrate. In this mercenary-versus-mercenary environment, enough is never enough, so get rich or perish trying.

With its June 22 release, Mercenaries of Fortune presents new difficulties and chances for Operators. Embark on a deployment to a brand-new Warzone map in Fortune’s Keep, engage in battle on a battleship in the Vanguard Multiplayer map USS Texas 1945, and explore the marshes of Shi No Numa in the return of the original round-based zombies.


–  Fortune’s Keep: New Map

–  Raven Software is modifying Caldera, from Storage Town’s reappearance to riverbeds

drying up.

–  A new contract, an armoured SUV, and more of Warzone’s new tools, goals, and feature

improvements will bring fresh tactics to think about for your squad’s individual meta.

–  Fortune’s Keep, Rebirth Island, and Caldera are three Warzone maps that you can drop

for free as part of a weekly playlist rotation.


–  Shi No Numa Brings Back Classic Round-Based Zombies

–  Embark on the High Seas in USS Texas 1945

–  Blueprint Gun Game Debut

Check out the Call of Duty blog for the full breakdown of Season 4, Mercenaries of Fortune. Stay tuned to Sledgehammer Games’ blog and Raven Software’s website for official patch notes.