Tips and Tricks | Overwatch: Hero Tiers Guide (Part 2)

Overwatch is one of the most popular competitive games on the market even after almost five years. If you have been wondering which hero to play after reading our last guide on the different types of heroes, this is for you. 

Tier 1


Zenyatta is good as his Discord Orb is still oppressive because of how the characters around him have affected him. Zen can easily make decisions by placing a mark on a goal. This gives the go-ahead to dive and annihilate all of these mobile heroes.

In other places, the Omnic prospers since the game’s shields are scarcer and make it easier to use its orbs. This orb also locates the wrecking ball and tracer, which may be deeper into a backline foe.


Mercy works well in a mobile team composition, especially when combined with a Pharah or a sniper to increase damage. Mercy is Zenyatta’s most well-liked partner. Although it doesn’t have all the natural healing properties of other aids, it is dependable and hard to tell apart. Diving is significantly easier to avoid and much more resilient than most other supports. It is challenging to locate her with a Wrecking Ball or Tracer due to her propensity to dodge an attack. 

Tier 2


Reinhardt decreases the initial velocity caused by knockback effects by 30%. Reinhardt is not knocked back by 30 percent less; rather, he is knocked back by more. This is due to the fact that the velocity must return to normal; a higher initial velocity results in more time spent at higher velocities as well as more time with a velocity overall.


She will gain from clear sightlines with fewer ground protections. With fewer shields present in the action, new issues do, however, develop. Without good pockets, she gives the opposing team’s WreckingBall and Tracer a very simple dive objective before they can gain anything of value. You take a risk choosing her because she is a glass cannon for the entire roster. 

Tier 3


He best plays solo, which makes him entertaining to play if you’re competing alone. He is far more independent than most tanks are.

His strengths and weaknesses are single-focused games, as usual. He can punish and heal himself with the help of well-positioned location characters, but it can be challenging to determine how valuable he is to the broader squad beyond random killing and stress. 


His abilities are limited at this time. The characters attempt to employ his Speed Boost, which is his most potent ability. Without it, the enemy will be close behind Tracer and Wrecking Ball. He only uses a small amount of his healing, which poses a serious problem when coupled with Zenyatta.

These tiers are merely a place to start when examining heroes and their utility in the current game. This list could change significantly. For updates on how things are changing and how you may apply them to your own Overwatch games, keep an eye on professional play.