Tips and Tricks | Overwatch: Navigating Maps Part 3

We’re back with another Overwatch guide, with useful tips this time on navigating the maps in the game. We previously gave you tips on how to pick characters based on your gaming style, do check that out if you haven’t! 

For Overwatch, there are now about a dozen maps accessible, divided into four different and distinct categories. Here is a quick overview of each individual battleground as well as how the various objective systems operate across the entire pool of maps.


Control maps are best-of-three matches in which the two sides strive to seize control of authority points that gradually come under their control over time.

  1. Ilios is a stunning Mediterranean vacation spot with abundance of sand, water, and shooting opportunities. 
  2. China’s Lijiang Tower offers a few desirable internal and outdoor vantage spots that are worth battling for.
  3. As the hero Zenyatta’s very spiritual home, Nepal has three tactically very diverse tasks.


In assault maps, one team is tasked with attacking an objective and capturing it within a set amount of time. The opposing team tries to prevent them from doing so. 

  1. Hanamura, the vibrant residence of the heroes Hanzo and Genji, is filled with corridors.
  2. Temple of Anubis: Expect intense firefights due to the temple’s numerous curving overpasses, tunnels, and steps.
  3. According to the Volskaya Industries directory, Volskaya Industries is a Russian industrial area with lots of open space.


In Escort maps, the objective is for one team to “push” a Payload through each map’s many checkpoints by leveraging their closeness.

  1. Dorado’s Spanish influences are evident as day on Dorado, and this map offers lots of entertainment for anyone daring enough to spy ahead.
  2. One of Overwatch’s most recent additions, Route 66, gives the game a bit of an Americana flavor.
  3. One of Overwatch’s most recognizable maps, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, will satiate your sniper hunger. 


Hybrid maps combine the assault and escort objective types from above. You must capture a control point first, after which you must accompany a payload as it travels.

  1. The battleground of Eichenwalde, which has a castle-themed and appears to have a particularly Bavarian feel, is situated within large forests.
  2. Hollywood is a huge movie set with lots of options for ambushing your enemies.
  3. For those who appreciated Blizzard’s recent cinematic shorts, King’s Row will be a very familiar area of London.
  4. Numbani has many ramps, sniping locations, and shortcuts

We hope these tips come in handy in choosing the map most suited for your game style!