Overwatch: 5 Final Tips For Advanced Players To Increase Your Rank (Part 4) Finale

After learning about the different heroes, maps and skills, here is our final Overwatch tips article for more advanced players to increase their ranks.

1) Understand your team’s roles and your opponent’s roles

Team comps are a certain set of personalities that work well together to provide the best results. Dive comp, a highly mobile team that excels at quickly swarming a team or a specific enemy, and the Bunker comp are two examples of potent team compositions. Dive comps are excellent at rapid and lethal approaches. The Heroes needed for this composition must possess swift skills that let them enter and exit team fights with ease. This strategy is in contrast to the bunker strategy, which bases its strength on retaining territory behind strong main tank shields in order to deny an enemy a specific choke point or goal.

2) Support is important

You’re all meant to support one another when you play as a team. Supporting characters need your assistance to help them help you; they aren’t just there to serve the rest of you! This means that you shouldn’t expect a Zenyatta or a Mercy to protect you just because you’re repeatedly asking for a heal if you’re far from the group and close to the opposing front line. They can heal and reach you if and when you need them if you stay in their range of sight. Be careful that support characters are typically weaker, don’t leave them undefended

3) Learn different positions on different maps

This idea is one of the trickiest to put into practice, especially for players in solo queues, and will require outstanding teamwork. However, a defensive side that successfully uses high ground over an offensive squad can result in a straightforward victory. Or an offensive team that learns how to swiftly change to a space with better cover can quickly change the course of a battle.

4) Make use of your environment

Learn some of the geographical elements in addition to the chokepoints and shortcuts that each map has. In some cases, you only need to knock players into a position they don’t want to be ordered to kill them. Many of the maps include drops that lead to instant death; if you have a skill that can push them back (Locio and Reinhardt), you can hurl them straight over the edge for instant death.

5) Keep moving

Snipers in Overwatch are lethal. Hanzo and Widowmaker both possess the ability to see through walls; they may line up their shots perfectly ahead of time. You need to be continually moving in order to make life difficult for these snipers while extending your own as a result. Get used to the idea that you should always be bouncing around in the middle of battle, especially if you’re playing a Support hero who is highly targeted. Alter up your defensive positions to keep the opposition guessing.

There you have it! These are all the tips you need to become a better player. We hope these tips made you enjoy the game more!