Five Quick Fire Questions with FC Bayern München’s Alphonso Davies

Q: Four years ago, you were signed by Bayern, what was it like then?

A: “When I got the news that Bayern wanted to sign me it was a shock because I was probably seventeen, playing in the MLS, I didn’t think they had heard of me. I was excited and when I signed the contract and went to go meet the team, it was nice. I met the doctors, met the staff, met a couple of the players. Now I am happy to be part of this team and I am excited to be here.”

Q: Do you ever look back?

A: “Sometimes I sit there and go through old pictures, and I am like ‘wow, this has been an incredible journey.’ I am very grateful for every moment of it.”

Q: What are the goals for the season?

A: “We always want to win trophies at the end of the year. I think this year we want to make it three – or even six if we can, but we know it is going to be a tough road, and it is going to take everything in us. Especially now that they have put the World Cup in November of this year. We know it’s going to be tough, but we are ready for the fight.”

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Q: Who are the biggest competitors?

A: “Right now, I think Leipzig or Dortmund. I think those two teams have always been a challenge for us and I think they are definitely going to come hungry for us this year. Leipzig, they won the Pokal [Cup] so they are on a high right now, so they are motivated. So is Dortmund with all their new signings. It’s going to be a tough season, but I think we are going to make it.”

Q: What makes Leipzig special?

A: “They are one of those teams that have a lot of good players. They work together well as a team. It’s going to be tough.”