Gamer Girls: Minecraft Beginner Guide (Part 1)



Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that players cannot get enough of. Players can design their own worlds and experiences where the possibilities are truly endless, the game is frequently referred to as a “sandbox game.” Essentially, it is a virtual, open-world video game where players can mine, build, craft, enchant, and dig. You can dig up, chop down, and reconstruct every part of the map however you like.

In contrast to other video games, Minecraft gives you full control over the experience. It even has options that let players take on the role of moderators and incorporate their own coding or mods right into the game! Once you log on to the game, you will find a single-player or multiplayer mode. You can explore the open world in a variety of ways thanks to the numerous game modes that are available in Minecraft. There are the following categories of Minecraft game modes:

1)  Survival – Players must attempt to survive after being generated on a new planet at random by gathering resources, constructing a shelter, accumulating experience, and fending off enemy hordes.

2)  Creative – Players have immediate access to practically all blocks and equipment in the game mode known as “Creative,” and they also have the power to fly and are impervious to injury and death.

3)  Adventure – To complete an adventure, players must interact with things (such as levers and buttons) and enemies.

4)  Hardcore – Hardcore is similar to survival mode in that the difficulty level is permanently set to “hard,” players are unable to respawn, and the map is deleted when a player dies (or you permanently become a spectator).

5)  Spectator – A spectator is completely invisible and is unable to interact with any entities, blocks, or items in your inventory. Usually, this mode is employed for observation.

Before starting your first game, it’s helpful to learn how to craft since it’s essential to enjoying Minecraft. Making something out of one or more raw materials is referred to as crafting. If there are multiple ingredients in the recipe, they must be arranged in a precise way. Fortunately, the pattern mimics the finished product considerably, making it easier to memorize the formulas than you might anticipate.

Here are the threats you need to take note of:

  • Zombies – Simply keep hitting zombies to defeat them; they are not too difficult. If three or more are surrounding you, they become a problem.
  • Spiders – Spiders can be fired at from a distance or engaged in a close battle, but attempt to avoid them by staying above them where they can’t harm you.
  • Skeletons – Early on in the game, skeletons can also be dangerous, especially if you encounter two or more of them at once. If you don’t have a bow and arrow, hide in a corner and draw them close so you can shoot them. Try not to sprint at them from a distance because every time they hit, you’ll be pushed back a little. If you do pass away while playing in survival mode, it’s not the end of the world because you can pick up your items once you revive.
  • The Enderman – The Enderman is a tall, thin, black monster with pink eyes that despises direct eye contact. Do not become alarmed if you see them during the daytime because they are not inherently hostile. They teleport, making them nearly tough to kill while you’re a newbie, and if you stare at them, you’ll die. Please refrain from looking at them.
  • Creepers – Early in the game, creepers are the most harmful to you since they explode. As a result, you should only use a bow and arrow to fight them from a distance or mislead them into sliding off of objects. Avoid risk-taking around your base, especially, since their explosive power has the potential to render you helpless. However, if you manage to kill them without an explosion, you can collect gunpowder from them.


    In the next article on next Friday, we will talk more about mining and the actual gameplay, so do stay tuned for that!