Gamer Girls: 5 Tips fo Minecraft’s Adventure Guide Part 2 (Final)

Because it is a sandbox game, Minecraft has no real ending. However, it is commonly believed that killing the ender dragon counts as “completing” the game.

  1. Collect wood from surrounding trees before starting a game of Survival or Hardcore (recommended for true adventure style; it’s also quite difficult). A crafting table and a wooden pickaxe are made of wood. The cobblestone must be harvested with the wooden pickaxe in order to be used to make a stone pickaxe and at least one furnace.

2. Before entering the Nether, it is advised that players equip themselves with full diamond gear, ideally anything enchanted. Harvesting of at least 31 diamonds is required (24 for full armour, 3 for a pickaxe, 2 for a sword and 2 for an enchanting table). Diamond mining will be made easier if a naturally existing cave or fissure is found that descends to the world’s last 16 levels.

3. Once the air is clean again, choose between gathering blazing rods and ender pearls. Be aware that while ender pearls are significant resources, they can help in navigating the nether environment. Aim for a minimum of 12, but between 15 and 20 is strongly advised if you desire to collect ender pearls.

4. Once the portal has been found, simply activate each frame to reveal the portal all the way to the end. Enter and get ready for a protracted, largely unremarkable battle. It is advised that you bring a water bucket instead of a bow with Power and Infinity, a diamond blade with Sharpness, full diamond armour, and numerous slow-falling potions.

5. It’s really difficult to defeat the dragon. Utilizing your bow, you must take aim at the crystals that aren’t caged, scale the caged towers, enter the cages, and then shoot the crystals inside to destroy them. If the dragon throws you into the air, drink a potion that

Slowly depletes or drops a pail of water on the ground right before contact. Arrows should be used to kill the dragon; keep an eye out for its breath. The dragon visits the end portal periodically, where it develops an arrow immunity. You can melee assault it, but watch out for its head attack.

We hope these 5 tips have been useful in helping you with your Minecraft adventure journey. Minecraft allows freedom, equality, and the ability to express oneself creatively, which is why it is so popular among all ages. We hope you have as much fun as we do!