Champions League | Inter vs Bayern Munich: 5 Talking Points Before Kick Off

Nagelsmann: ‘We have to be content with the result’

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann gave his assessment of his team’s performance after a hard-fought 1-1 draw in the top-of-the-table match against Union Berlin.

Inter vs Bayern Munich: Line-ups


Bayern Munich

Bayern Can Score, But May Not Win


As for this game in particular, the absence of Romelu Lukaku to injury will loom large. The Belgian was re-signed with the aim of scoring those very chances that went begging against Madrid and Liverpool, so to lose him for some of the biggest games of Inter’s season is in particularly poor taste.


The Nerazzurri are one of the best teams in Europe when everything is going to plan, but when it’s not, well, the drop off is steep. Inter has played a 3-5-2 in all but one game that I can remember off the top of my head over the last three seasons and doesn’t have the depth to change games on the fly. That’s become even more of a problem since 2022 began, with draws and losses stacking up as the Antonio Conte win no matter what mindset wears off. We’ll see if Simone Inzaghi can reverse the trend and stop the staleness seeping into Inter’s play of late.


Bayern’s run of 10 straight titles reminds us of Juventus’ nine-year stranglehold on Serie A, put to an end by yours truly. There’s obviously a lot of respect for that achievement (though not in Juve’s case of course) and no one was happy when Inter got drawn with Bayern. They’re seen as one of Europe’s very best and Inter is clearly a tier or two below that level.


Under Inzaghi, Inter has managed to imprint more of its style on games and most importantly turn that into results, headlined by a 1-0 win away at Anfield and a comeback attempt that fell just one goal short in the Round of 16 against the Reds.


Bayern will be easy group winners and Viktoria Plzen have 4th locked up. That leaves 2nd and 3rd down to Barcelona and Inter, and I think the Spanish side has the edge. Barca’s depth is far superior and it’s been impressive to start the 2022/23 campaign, whereas Inter still looks in preseason gear.

DPP Verdict

The guests are better, and Inter’s fragile defence will be a big chance for the Germans to win this one. We won’t predict Bayern’s win here, but them scoring two goals is our pick for this event.