Tips and Tricks | Overwatch 2: New Heros (Part 3)

With the release of Overwatch 2, a new era of heroes has come. Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko will all make their debuts at the beginning of Season One of Overwatch 2.

1) Sojourn

Sojourn joins the Damage hero roster in Overwatch 2, and her kit promises both great mobility and a variety of gameplay options that will appeal to both newcomers and seasoned gamers.

The Disruptor Shot skill of Sojourn is fantastic not only for dealing damage or slowing enemies, but it can also “zone” enemies by obstructing narrow passageways or lanes from approaching enemy players.

Tip: You may fire her Disruptor Shot and attach it to the sides of surrounding objects because it is an orb, not a dome-like most other shots are.

2) Junker Queen

With the force of an army behind her, the Junker Queen assumes her proper place among Overwatch 2’s Tank hero class. The brawling is the foundation of the Junker Queen’s arsenal, and she is most effective when deep in the action.

Her swinging blade deals damage over time to any enemy it hits, and while the effect lasts, they are unable to receive any healing from their team.

Tip: When used on an enemy across a sheer drop, Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade can swiftly wipe that enemy off the game.

3) Kiriko

Kiriko Kamori, torn between her family’s two traditional courses, decided to follow her own path. Kiriko is a Support hero in Overwatch 2 who combines the lethal accuracy of her Kunai with the potent burst healing of her Healing Ofuda.

Kiriko’s Recovery In order to find teammates who need healing, Ofuda sends out five healing talismans. If many allies are nearby, more than one ally may be healed at once.

Tip: Although Kiriko’s Healing Ofuda instantly lock on and home in on a victim, they travel slowly. The best chance you have to help your squad is to play closer rather than playing farther back on the backline so you can use your Kunai to snipe opponents.

The addition of Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass progressional rewards scheme would seem to allude to the addition of new characters in subsequent Battle Pass seasons. Stay tuned for more hero introductions in Season 2 of Overwatch 2!