5 Tips to Ace Asphalt 9: Legends Part 2 (Finale)

1) Know the basics of car ranks

D-Rank automobiles are what the game gives you when you first start it. The best vehicles included in Asphalt 9 Legends are S-Rank vehicles. It’s quite difficult to find these finest cars because they have elite speed, handling, and nitro numbers.

We can raise a car’s rank points or stats to improve its performance, stats, or traits like speed, acceleration, and nitro boost. You only need to improve the vehicle. You must pay in credits.

2) Touchdrive

Your automobile will automatically make turns if you keep this option turned on. You don’t have complete control of the vehicle in this mode. For instance, if the ramp is on the right, it will be challenging to shift the automobile from the left to the right since you won’t have full control over it. However, it does facilitate driving.

3) Aim for the Shockwave Nitro

Nitro temporarily increases the car’s speed to an excessive level. However, the proper nitro or shockwave nitro gives you lightning-fast acceleration to help you outrun your competitors. Pay attention to the nitro bar after pressing the nitro button in the race. It will turn blue in spots. Once the bar or pointer meets the blue portion, press the nitro button once again to initiate the ideal nitro boost.

4) Sell the blueprint for coins

One of the in-game currencies in Asphalt 9 Legends is the Trade Coin, which can be used in the legend store’s shop to get or buy premium cards for expensive automobiles. Selling blueprints might earn the player trade coins. You can obtain blueprints or automobile cards by reaching certain milestones in your career or as a prize for finishing missions.

5) Reach milestones

In Asphalt 9 Legends, join a club. As soon as you join, race in any mode of the game to collect club reputation points. Gather sufficient points to activate the club’s milestones. You can earn credits, card packs, blueprints, and many other things.

Here are all the tips to help you rise up, and enjoy your race!