Interview: Gregor Kobel, Borussia Dortmund

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What does the Revierderby mean to you?

“It is a huge game, perhaps even the game of the year, it is definitely under discussion. We know that it is a huge game for the fans and the whole region. We definitely want to show how we can play as a team and we will give our all.”

Is it a special situation because you are top of the table and Schalke are at the bottom of the table?

“Definitely. It is always difficult. The relegation battle is something completely different. You know the attitude of these teams. They fight for everything. They throw themselves into every duel and give their all because naturally, they fight for survival. Furthermore, it is a very special mix with the derby as well, which will make it a great game for sure.”

How would you rate your performance this season?

“It has been a great year so far in which I had a lot of games where I could help my team to get points. I am always focused on keeping going. Always getting better, working on myself, trying to see what can be made better, where I can improve myself and keep working on myself. That is also what I enjoy. A snapshot is always nice. That feels good, especially now after winning nine consecutive games. Nevertheless, at the end of the day progress and the things to come are the most important factor. You want it to be sustainable and for a longer period of time.”

Schalke’s goalkeeper Ralph Fährmann, what kind of guy is your colleague?

“Fährmann is a club legend at Schalke. He has been playing for Schalke forever. With so many years he has huge experience and has been through a lot. I think that in the relegation battle, it can help a team when you have such a player back there. One that firstly identifies with the club and secondly brings a great deal of experience with him. That won’t stop us from playing a good game and hopefully scoring a lot of goals again.”

How do you see your chances in the title race?

“Certainly better than a few weeks ago. That is clear. We are tied on points. We still have to play some games. It is not like we just have to play three more games, there are still some to play. That means that we have to maintain our level for a long time. It will definitely be very competitive, nothing is ever given to you. That means that we will have to work hard for it and we must not let up a single centimetre. Confirm our performance week after week.”

Image Credit (Bundesliga Content Hub Images)

Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Gregor Kobel gestures during the Bundesliga match against Borussia M’gladbach at Borussia Park on 11 November 2022 in Mönchengladbach.