Enhancing Accessibility: Diablo IV’s Array of Features for Inclusive Gameplay

Every player is unique, and we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone to battle demons and pursue Lilith in Diablo IV. Keeping this philosophy in mind, our team has worked on enhancing accessibility options to cater to various player needs. As a result, Diablo IV offers more than 50 different accessibility features, including assistance for dexterity, reading text, and vision.

Here are some of the accessibility features available in the game:

● Button Remapping: Customize your preferred inputs for the keyboard, mouse, or controller to match your capabilities and preferences.
● Skill Toggle and Action Wheel Activation: Instead of having to hold a button to cast a skill, you can enable a toggle feature that simplifies the process.
● One-Handed Control: Remap analogue sticks to one side of the controller, allowing you to have full control with just one hand.
● Persist Lock Target: Keep your skills and weapons focused on a specific enemy by enabling this feature.

● Subtitles: Cinematics in the game have subtitles enabled by default, and you can adjust the font colour, scaling, and background opacity according to your preference.
● Speech to Text: Utilize your device’s microphone to transcribe your spoken words into chat using the built-in Speech to Text software.
● Text Customization: You can choose from three different font sizes (small, medium, and large) for in-game text, as well as resize your cursor.
● Audio Cues: Receive audio cues when items drop from monsters, and customize the settings to remove or modify these cues based on your preferences. Additionally, ambient audio cues indicate the presence and rarity of items on the ground.

● Player and Item Highlighting: Increase readability by highlighting players, enemies, objects, and NPCs with a colour of your choice.
● Screen Reading Support: Diablo IV includes a built-in screen reader and is compatible with popular third-party screen reading software like JAWS and NVDA.

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