Exciting New Features and Content Arrive in Albion Online: Knightfall Update Unleashed

Sandbox Interactive, the developer of the fantasy sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, has launched a significant new content patch called Knightfall. This update, the first major patch since the introduction of the Albion East Asian server, introduces exciting features to the game, including the Mists, a new dungeon named Knightfall Abbey, a wide range of new items like capes and mounts, the addition of a new trader NPC in Brecilien, and much more.

Here’s what you can expect in Knightfall:

Major Features and Improvements in the Mists:
● Knightfall Abbey: Explore a mysterious dungeon hidden within the Mists, featuring a captivating atmosphere with crumbling stone structures and beautiful stained-glass windows.
● Discover treasures and ancient shrines that offer powerful buffs.
● This dungeon only exists for a limited time and requires active searching.
● Interact with other players who also venture into the dungeon, leading to unique interactions and battles.
● Coffers: Find new treasures that are only revealed to nearby players.
● Caches: Clear mob camps and receive individualized loot as a reward.

New Items, Traders, and Standing:

● Meet Eralia Wayfarer, an NPC in Brecilien who trades with adventurers based on their standing.
● Acquire new Avalonian and Brecilien Capes, each providing distinct defensive capabilities.
● Ride the newly introduced Mystic Owl mounts, allowing adventurers to swiftly traverse the game world.

Roads of Avalon Improvements:

● Experience updated enemy encounters and increased mob density in the Roads of Avalon.
● Discover new off-road paths that provide exploration opportunities and alternative escape routes.
● Some mobs in the Roads now drop Avalonian Energy.

Major Quality-of-Life Enhancements:

● Enjoy an optional WASD movement system for player convenience.
● Change character gender using in-game Gold.
● Benefit from significant optimizations to enhance mobile and controller gameplay.

These are just a few highlights of the Knightfall update, which brings numerous additions and improvements to Albion Online. For more information, you can watch the Knightfall trailer and read the full news article linked above. Prepare to embark on new adventures in the ever-evolving world of Albion Online!