Diablo Immortal Introduces the Blood Knight: A New Class to Save Sanctuary

The Blood Knight, the newest class in Diablo Immortal, is now available for players to experience. This exclusive class brings the shadowy monster into the light, allowing players to save Sanctuary once again. Trained in an ancient spear fighting style mastered in Gea Kul, Blood Knights have an ethereal connection with their fellow knights. To maintain their power and combat the forces threatening Sanctuary, they must remain resilient and battle the inner darkness through a specific ritual.

The Blood Knight Class is now available for all players to enjoy for free. Players can delve into the origins of the Blood Knights through a story-driven Elite Quest called “Quest of Unrest” and experience the challenges they face in harnessing their curse and avoiding becoming mindless thralls.

The Blood Knight wields knightly polearms, using signature skills like Shadow’s Edge (slash or throw dagger), Swarm of Bats (summon bats for damage), Siphon Blood (steal health from enemies), Abomination (absorb enemy blood for added skills), Skewer (impale and stun enemies), and Mephitic Cloud (blur enemies’ vision).

Additionally, a new combat mechanic has been introduced where each set of weapons provides a stance, allowing players to switch weapons during combat and receive different stance effects. These effects grant temporary buffs with a cooldown of 15-20 seconds. This mechanic is available to every class in the game.

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