Overwatch 2: Invasion Unveils a Diverse Array of Exciting Content

Blizzard Entertainment’s dynamic team-based action game, Overwatch 2, presents a thrilling new release for players of all preferences. Starting today, gamers can immerse themselves in the world-saving endeavours of three captivating “Overwatch 2: Invasion” Story Missions, embrace the skills of the novel Peruvian support hero Illari, engage in intense battles across expansive maps in the innovative Flashpoint PvP mode, and much more.

This update caters to a wide spectrum of preferences, whether one craves competitive PvP encounters, vivid hero narratives, cooperative play with friends, or an exploration of Overwatch’s compelling vision of the near-future Earth.

1. Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions: Players are transported to Rio, Toronto, and Gothenburg, embarking on the inception of Overwatch 2’s narrative. This enthralling journey features new cinematic sequences and an abundance of additional voice lines, enabling players to venture into the Overwatch 2 storyline alongside their friends.

2. New Support Hero, Illari: Welcoming the 38th hero into the game’s roster, Illari stands as Overwatch’s inaugural Peruvian hero. Harnessing the power of the sun, Illari wields medium- and long-range abilities that enable both healing and offensive actions.

3. Fresh PvP Mode, Flashpoint: Flashpoint introduces two novel maps, Suravasa and New Junk City, to the PvP rotation. This non-linear map experience demands players to vie for control over capture points, testing teamwork and inventiveness on Overwatch 2’s most extensive PvP maps.

4. Underworld Co-op Mission: Engage in limited-time Event missions set in uncharted territory within King’s Row. Players encounter new Null Sector enemies and weekly modifiers that bring fresh challenges throughout the season.

5. New Hero Progression System: This revamped system tracks players’ progress and gameplay style for each of the game’s 38 heroes, showcasing their development through an intuitive interface. Earn unique rewards such as Name Cards and more as you advance your heroes.

The upcoming season will introduce Hero Mastery, where players of heroes like Winston, Mercy, Reinhardt, Sojourn, and Tracer can refine their skills and vie for supremacy on the Hero leaderboard, with additional heroes slated to join in the future.

Invasion Bundles offer digital packages aimed at aiding players against the Omnic forces:

1. Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle: Comprising all “Overwatch 2: Invasion” Story Missions, 1,000 coins, 1 Legendary Skin, and a Sojourn Hero unlock.
2. Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate Bundle: Encompassing all Story Missions, 2,000 coins, 2 Legendary Skins, a Sojourn Hero unlock, and the Premium Battle Pass with 20-tier skips.
3. Invasion Premium Battle Pass: Bestows immediate access to Illari, alongside the new Mythic A-7000 Wargod Ana Skin, 5 Legendary Skins, 90 tiers of Premium Battle Pass rewards, a 20% Battle Pass XP Boost, and 2,000 OW Credits.

Overwatch 2 is cross-platform and FREE to play on Windows PC via Battle.net, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Starting from August 10, it will also be available on Steam.