Overwatch 2 Unveils Hero Mastery Mode: Test and Elevate Your Heroic Skills

Hero Mastery represents an entirely new solo-play mode, permanently accessible to all players. The objective of Hero Mastery is to navigate through an action-packed course packed with training bots, obstacles, and jump pads as you race towards the finish line. It will assess your abilities and boundaries across training challenges for Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer, with Sojourn and Winston set to be introduced later this season. Your performance is rated based on how swiftly you reach the finish line, the number of enemy bots you defeat, and the quantity of Emblems you gather throughout the course.

Stay Alert for Fresh Training Bots

With new courses come new testing bots! While most of the adversary training bots may seem familiar, there will also be novel and formidable ones to confront, evade, and obstruct. Tank Bots are robust machines equipped with substantial HP and protective barriers. Rocket Bots launch projectiles that inflict considerable burst damage. Sniper Bots take down their targets from extended distances. These training bots will be strategically positioned throughout the map, necessitating you to devise strategies for dealing with them while mastering each course. In certain instances, you’ll need to vanquish the enemy bots within a specific section before advancing to the next. In other cases, you’ll need to safeguard friendly bots from being annihilated. Should a bot get the better of you, don’t worry – you can simply restart the course!

Amplify Your Score

Seeking the highest score? There are two methods to achieve an impressive score in Hero Mastery Mode: acquiring Emblems and completing the course quickly. Picking up Emblems grants additional bonus points to your score. Large Emblems occasionally yield an extra bonus, but they are much trickier to reach than the smaller ones.

Next comes your course completion time. Depending on how swiftly you reach the finish line, you’ll earn scaling multipliers, ranging from gold and silver to bronze. Your time, combined with the number of Emblems you collect, will determine your star rating and the overall score achieved in the course.

Become a Hero Master

Each hero features three courses, with escalating levels of difficulty. Successfully completing the Recruit course with at least a 3-star rating unlocks access to the Agent course. To test your skills in the Expert course, you’ll need a rating of 4 stars or higher in the Agent course. Every hero also includes an exclusive Player Icon, an exclusive Name Card, and a bonus Battle Pass XP, which are rewarded after mastering all three courses. Stay updated with the Top 500 leaderboards, showcasing the highest scores in each region!

New Limited-Time Challenges

We’re inaugurating the Hero Mastery mode with a limited-time event! From now until September 25, you can earn new rewards – including an exclusive Weapon Charm, Souvenir, Spray, and Title – by completing the event’s limited-time challenges! Courses are currently available for Tracer, Mercy, and Reinhardt, with courses for Sojourn and Winston expected to arrive in the upcoming weeks. Don’t fret if your preferred hero isn’t available yet – more courses for other heroes will be introduced in subsequent Seasons.

Hero Mastery is free for all players and all platforms in Overwatch 2, so jump in and blink, charge, and fly your way to the finish line today!