Girard-Perregaux’s Continuous Evolution: Introducing the Laureato Absolute 8Tech

Since the debut of the futuristic Laureato Absolute series in 2019, Girard-Perregaux has been on an unending journey of material exploration. Their latest marvel, the Laureato Absolute 8Tech, leverages the brand’s vast expertise, employing the revolutionary 8Tech method. With this, octagonal carbon segments come together, manifesting a unique structural design, underlining Girard-Perregaux’s proficiency in maximizing avant-garde resources to create striking results.

Diverse Shapes, One Masterpiece

The Laureato’s design harmoniously intertwines various geometric forms. Initially conceptualized and developed internally, it showcases an octagonal frame atop a round base, all set on a multifaceted tonneau case. These distinct elements come together seamlessly.

Embracing Modernity: The Laureato Absolute Collection

Back in 2019, the brand breathed new life into the 1975 classic, unveiling the Laureato Absolute. Retaining its core DNA, this collection elevates the design to a contemporary sporty aesthetic.

Over the years, Girard-Perregaux hasn’t shied away from integrating novel materials like metallised sapphire crystal, rubber alloy, and carbon glass. Their innovative streak continues with the release of the Laureato Absolute 8Tech, featuring a case constructed from a cutting-edge blend of carbon and titanium.

An Intimate Look at the Watch

The Laureato Absolute 8Tech, with a 44mm diameter, manages to be both prominent and incredibly lightweight. This lightness ensures superior comfort, making it a prime choice for everyday wear.

The case employs a unique blend of directionally aligned, non-woven, pre-soaked carbon fibres, melded with featherweight titanium powder. These ultra-thin layers, stacked and cut into octagons, undergo intense heat and pressure treatments. The outcome is a case that gleams uniquely, reminiscent of the sparkle of Damascus steel.

Despite the option to opt for round shapes, Girard-Perregaux chose the octagonal form, reminiscent of their iconic 1975 Laureato release. The eight-sided shape also holds symbolic luck for many across the globe.

The Dial: A Marvel in Design

The dial utilizes a dual-layer design, with a sandblasted gradient grey upper surface reflecting the case’s hues. Beneath lies a Grade 5 titanium layer, visible through arrow-shaped apertures that double as index markers. Luminous rectangular indicators sit adjacent, ensuring visibility in dim light. The dial’s design interplays with diverse textures, shades, and depths, guaranteeing optimal clarity and a sophisticated, contemporary look.

Under its exterior, the Laureato Absolute 8Tech houses a manufacturing movement, the Calibre GP03300-1058. A tinted sapphire crystal at the back harmonizes with the case and bezel’s monochrome palette. The movement, consisting of 419 pieces, exhibits traditional finishing techniques like Côtes de Genève, chamfering, and straight graining, echoing the longstanding craft Girard-Perregaux has championed since 1791.

Girard-Perregaux Laureato Absolute Chronograph 8Tech retails for SGD 38,700 including tax.