Modern Warfare III Unleashes Zombies

For the first time, Zombies will make an appearance in the Modern Warfare® series with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

This grand reveal showcases a team of global Operators joining forces with Task Force 141 to combat an unprecedented undead onslaught, brought forth by a secondary formidable adversary. The adventure is set to launch alongside Modern Warfare III on November 10. Here’s what to expect:

Zombies, a well-loved component in Call of Duty lineage, gets integrated into the Modern Warfare realm through Modern Warfare III. This mode, the brainchild of Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games, immerses players in an epic co-op battle against expansive zombie mobs in the biggest Zombies map to date.

The Raid:
Dusk blankets a covert mission, with soldiers gearing up for an unexpected intrusion. Their path leads to the back of a hotel, where a blast grants access to a mysterious underground room. But the revelation therein is astounding.

The Unveiling:
Inside, four grotesquely decayed bodies surround a peculiar device. At its core lie two vials with a potent fluid. Viktor Zakhaev, a notorious arms trafficker and nemesis to Task Force 141, emerges from the shadows, intrigued by their discovery.

The Clash:
As they exit, the situation escalates. Facing overwhelming odds, a desperate act sees one vial shattered, releasing a purple mist that wreaks havoc, converting allies and foes alike into ravenous zombies.

Post the devastating event, a helicopter swoops down, bringing Sergeant Johnny “Soap” MacTavish and SSO Kate Laswell, briefing an Operator on “Operation Deadbolt”. With some information on Zakhaev’s intentions, they’re about to dive deeper into the mystery.

Exploring the Backstory:
The Zombies mode introduces both living and undead enemies. Terminus Outcomes, a mercenary group in Zakhaev’s employ, is the human threat. Those familiar with the Dark Aether Zombies saga might recognize the substance in the vials – an enriched form of Aetherium.

Operation Deadbolt, a CIA emergency response to outbreaks, gets activated, with SSO Selma Greene leading on-ground efforts. Your task as an Operator is to prevent the situation from spiralling out of control.

The Zombie Onslaught:
Modern Warfare Zombies marries the signature elements of the Modern Warfare series and Treyarch’s classic Zombies mode, offering fans an unprecedented gaming experience. Launching with Modern Warfare III, the game features a vast open-world survival challenge, where squads collaborate, engaging in special narrative missions and unveiling myriad secrets. The adventure commences on November 10, 2023.

Preorder Bonus:
By preordering Modern Warfare III, players get an exclusive “Zombie Ghost” Operator Skin. This bonus applies to any digital version of the game and to Modern Warfare III detailed in this blog post.

Those preordering ahead of Modern Warfare II Season 06 can access the skin by September 27.

Post this date, the skin becomes immediately available. Additionally, this skin is compatible with both Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone and will be usable in Modern Warfare III upon its release.