Dive into Azeroth’s Latest Mobile Craze: Warcraft Rumble Set to Debut this November

Gamers worldwide are buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming launch of Blizzard Entertainment’s latest mobile offering: Warcraft Rumble. Slated to hit Android and iOS platforms on November 3, the reveal will take place live at BlizzCon. From Winterspring to Booty Bay, Warcraft enthusiasts from both Horde and Alliance are assembling, eager to explore a magical machine that animates miniature versions of iconic characters for intense strategic battles.

Warcraft Rumble, the first mobile-centric Warcraft iteration, empowers players to assemble and command miniature troops that include renowned heroes, antagonists, and creatures from the expansive Warcraft world. Test your strategy with characters like Jaina Proudmoore and Grommash Hellscream across multiple gameplay modes, either solo or in player-versus-player. The vast single-player campaign offers diverse strategic challenges, complemented by player-versus-player systems, perilous Dungeons, and more for players across all experience levels.

In light of Warcraft Rumble’s impending release, Blizzard Entertainment is rolling out 3D-printer blueprints for Warcraft Rumble Minis. Dubbed “Mini Mondays,” these weekly releases throughout October will spotlight different Minis families, their blueprints, and game-related insights.

Additionally, players who navigate the tutorial within the first two weeks post-launch will bag four mecha-themed items to spruce up their in-game profiles and armies. Pre-registration is now open, ensuring you don’t miss out on the game’s debut.

As an added treat for the Azeroth community gearing up for the launch, World of Warcraft aficionados can now stumble upon Warcraft Rumble arcade machines across select zones, including Valdrakken and Stormwind. By collecting hidden Rumble Coins and Foils, they can unlock a series of collectable Minis from Warcraft Rumble!

For more information on Warcraft Rumble, Mini Mondays, the pre-registration rewards and the WoW cross-promotion event, please visit the Warcraft Rumble website.