Diablo IV’s ‘Season of Blood’ Now Live: Team Up with Erys & Tackle Lord Zir!

Diablo IV’s much-anticipated “Season of Blood” is now available for everyone! Join forces with the Vampire Hunter Erys, brought to life by the talented Gemma Chan, and harness your Vampiric Abilities to combat the looming blood-crazed threats in Sanctuary. This Season unveils a thrilling quest where you’ll face formidable adversaries and the menacing Vampire Lord, Lord Zir. Additionally, players will enjoy several enhancements like refined Nightmare dungeons, expedited progress to Level 100, mount tweaks, added endgame antagonists, better class balance, and so much more.

Gamers eager to experience Diablo IV on Steam, your wait is over! Starting today, dive into Sanctuary with a range of Steam-specific features like achievements, integration of your Steam friends, and the ease of inviting them for in-game adventures. For those who prefer gaming on the move, Diablo IV is now Steam Deck certified, letting you game anytime, anywhere. However, remember to buy the game on Steam first and then link it to your Battle.net account. View the Steam page for more details.

And there’s more good news! Diablo IV is currently offering a 25% discount on Battle.net until November 2. So, seize the moment, step into Sanctuary, and vanquish those demons!

For a comprehensive list of enhancements that launched with the “Season of Blood”, see the detailed Patch Notes: https://news.blizzard.com/diablo4/23964909/diablo-iv-patch-notes.